Junk Drawer Organization DIY Ideas – Genius Organizing Ideas For ALL Junk Drawers

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8+ Easy Junk Drawer Organizing Ideas •

When it comes to decluttering and organizing drawers, the junk drawer has GOT to be the biggest pain point for all homeowners. EVERYTHING ends up in the junk drawer and it’s always a cluttered mess. With a few clever ideas and some items you probably already have around yourself, you can organize your junk drawer quickly, easily – and very inexpensively!

Here are some of my favorite drawer organizing ideas that really helped me (all the tutorials, DIY instructions and video below).

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Declutter and Organize the Junk Drawer

I was looking for something the other day in my junk drawer and thought, wow, this is really messy. You may think that a junk drawer is a catch all for anything and everything but you can have an organized junk drawer and still put lots of things in it. I was looking for a menu that I had thrown in there and came across all kinds of things that I thought were missing and things that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was quite funny actually.

I’ve come up with some tips on how I started to organize this drawer of mine so that when I’m looking for something or can’t find something I know where it is.

Junk Drawer Organizing Tips

I started off by taking all of my takeout menus and stapling them together. I have about 10 of these and they are all in stuck together by one staple. You can also opt to put them in a manila envelope or some type of binder but I found that stapling them together was just fine.

The next thing that I had in there that had to be organized were warranty books for new appliances, electric appliances such as microwaves, etc. I took all of these booklets and receipts and did stick them in a binder. I then took that binder and stuck it on my bookcase in my home office. Any time I need to find a warranty receipt or a user’s guide for something that is in the kitchen I know just where to look.

I had lots of batteries rolling around in the junk drawer so I found an old popcorn tin and stuck them in there. It helps me to avoid looking all over for batteries since they are now in one place. I also took my little screwdrivers and nails and put them in a zip log bag so when I have to do some nailing or screwing in the kitchen I can just grab the bag.

Candles, matches and a heavy duty flashlight remain in there so if the power goes out I can easily get to my lights and not have to stumble around the place trying to find it.

Junk Drawer Organizers

There are some other miscellaneous items in the junk drawer but since I followed the above tips I don’t dread looking in there anymore. It’s actually quite pleasant since I can now easily find things.

These simple 6 steps below help me FINALLY get my junk drawer under control and NOT just organizing the clutter.

The Ultimate Organized Junk Drawer!  This is MY goal to get my junk drawer and kitchen junk drawer organized like this!
How to organize your office drawers or junk drawer - simple DIY ideas

6 Step Junk Drawer Organization

1. Open the junk drawer and take (or dump) everything out (everything!).

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2. Thoroughly clean the inside of the drawer.

3. Now, deal with the contents. Pick up one item at a time – clean it if necessary.

4. Now, take a moment to decide:

[a] Does this item belong in this junk drawer?
[b] Do you use it or need it?
[c] Is it trash?

5. When you know if this item belongs in your junk drawer, in the trash, or somewhere else – put it there.

6. After dealing with each item you can now organize the items that actually belong in your junk drawer.

It’s really that easy. The hard part is STARTING.

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