Fire Pit Seating Ideas For My NEW Cozy Backyard Hangout

Cheap and Homemade Fire Pit Seating Designs and Landscaping Ideas – We’re building a fire pit in our backyard – yay!

We’re going to do a simple round DIY fire pit design – nothing TOO fancy, but I really want small backyard designs and ideas of ways to do seats AROUND my new fire pit…AND do it on a budget.

I LOVE creative and cheap backyard makeover ideas that don’t LOOK cheap, don’t you?

If you’re looking for homemade, creative and CHEAP fire pit seating ideas for your outdoor fire pit area, these simple seating area ideas I’ve found in the pictures below will probably interest you.

fire pit seating ideas for backyard - outside outdoor simple and cheap Backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget - country backyard rustic fire pit ideas and DIY seating ideas for round, sunken, circle gravel homemade and square fire pits backyard designs budget

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firepit in my backyard

backyard fire pit seating and homemade fire pit seating designs for a rustic country backyard fire pit outside / outdoors - best backyard fire pit designs to build backyard fire pit with simple seating area or landscaped patio

Fire Pit Seating Designs

Let’s look at some cheap store-bought and homemade fire pit seating designs for a small fire pit area in your backyard or patio.

I’m a big fan of rustic fire pits since we have a country backyard, but WOW do I LOVE those bright and funky colored chairs around that circle fire pit in the picture below!

Homemade fire pit seating designs for DIY Backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget - simple small fire pit seating ideas - affordable country backyard rustic fire pit ideas for seats around your outside outdoor fire pit - fire pit and seating - backyard patio designs fire pit, small round outdoor seating fire pit for yard or porch fire pit outdoors, fire pit stools, bench seats and chairs

This next simple and cheap outside fire pits backyard designs is something like these chairs…

note: pay attention to the arrows on the picture of fire pit seats below.

Backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget - fire pit seats ideas for chairs and seating around my backyard fire pit - simple backyard fire pit ideas and cheap landscaping ideas for outdoor outside fire pits small backyard designs and cheap backyard ideas

You see where I added those 2 purple arrows in the seating area?

Personally, I think those 2 spaces each need another chair, don’t you?

I’ve seen those types of outdoor chairs at Lowe’s and Home Depot lots of times, but never sat in them because they didn’t LOOK comfortable.

But then, one of our really close friends built a fire pit area in his backyard and put those type of chairs around it.

Let me tell you something – those chairs are CRAZY comfortable!

So, I think we’ll go with that type of seating, but I don’t want my fire pit design to be THAT simple.

Then I found this idea in the next picture for landscaping our fire pit area.

Backyard fire pit - outside outdoor rustic fire pit ideas - love the seating ideas and low cost fire pit landscape design in these outdoor homemade fire pit seating designs

Now THAT fire pit design and landscaping is more what I’m thinking about for our yard!

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!

I love the seating and really love the container plants and flowers in the rock lined border around the fire it that one of my arrows points to.

AND, look at the top arrow – it’s pointing to hanging outdoor lights all around over the fire pit area.


While I feel pretty certain I won’t be able to get my hubby to pour a concrete walkway and fire pit area pad like that, I think we can achieve the same concept with gravel around the fire pit and then the landscaped area on the outside of that.

I do like black gravel for my fire pit area, but I’m truly not in LOVE with it.

Something like in this picture:

homemade fire pit seating designs - round gravel fire pit and seating area ideas

What I’d REALLY love is a brick patio type of base like in the outdoor fire pit picture below.

fire pit ideas - Backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget - simple and cheap Fire pit seating around brick patio outside outdoor fire pit design

And aren’t those blue chairs just stunning?

I’m putting that one my list of seating ideas!

Now, my hubby has a whole ‘nother plan for the seating around our fire pit…

He wants to DIY some creative seats like the porch swings type seats in the country backyard fire pit picture below.

fire pit DIY swing seating ideas - unique homemade fire pit with porch swings and movie screen in the backyard

While I think it’s really cute, I’m not sure I want the seating to be UNmoveable… still undecided on his idea haha!

And while I’m ALL about do it yourself homemade ideas to save some money, I really think I’d rather just BUY those chairs I like from the pictures above and be done with it.

Plus, those chairs are all-weather and can handle ALL the seasons staying outside.

Want to see some more seating ideas and pictures and designs?

I found a lot of really clever and creative fire pit seating designs on the page below…

Homemade Fire Pit Seating Designs and simple Backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget
Homemade Fire Pit Seating Designs

That page has LOTS and LOTS of ideas that are more the country rustic design concept that I personally like the best.

And trust me, you have GOT to see the fire pit design with WHITE gravel – it is STUNNING!

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