Dollar Tree Hacks-GENIUS $1 Organization Ideas To Try

Dollar Store Organization Hacks and Cheap Organizing Ideas

Organizing Your Home on a Budget! Below are some BRILLIANT Dollar Tree organization hacks using simple and CHEAP items from your local Dollar Store, Dollar General or Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Organization Hacks and Dollar Store Storage Ideas To Get Organized and STAY Organized At Home on a Budget

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Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

I’m a HUGE fan of home organization hacks that are easy AND work to help me get organized at home on a budget.

I also LOVE Dollar Store and Dollar Tree crafts for decorating my home, don’t you?

So, it just made perfect sense to find cute organizers at my local Dollar Store to use for getting organized!

Take a look at these creative organization hacks using Dollar Store items:

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Dollar Store Organization Ideas {PICTURES}

Whether it’s a Dollar Store near you or your local Dollar Tree, these dollar store organizers, small plastic baskets, acrylic organizers and organization hacks are SO creative and just plain brilliant!

Organizing with Dollar Store Items

Dollar Store Organizing Hacks for those on a budget - works for Dollar General & Dollar Tree too

If you want to declutter and organize, but you’re on a budget, these Dollar Store organization hacks are right up your alley!

It’s amazing how neat and organized you can make spaces in your home with cheap baskets, bins, and organizers from the Dollar Store (or Dollar Tree).

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Dollar Store Storage Ideas

With a couple bucks at your local Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or Dollar General, you can organize like crazy – such genius organization hacks for every room that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to DO.

For example, finding storage containers like these is a GREAT find at your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.

Look how awesome they are:

Dollar Store organizing ideas I LOVE - these cheap kitchen organization containers are awesome!

You can use them to organize your pantry, your kitchen cabinets – heck, they can even go in your refrigerator or freezer!

The chalkboard labels are a nice touch – looks great AND makes the containers so much more useful.

I found the containers here.

It’s the simple little things that make a HUGE difference in the overall storage and organization of your home.

Here’s more great Dollar Store organization hacks I love:

$1 Organizing Ideas:

What kinds of organizers can you buy and hack for only $1?

Just take a look below at the simply brilliant Dollar Store organizers and organization hacks in the pictures below:

Bathroom Organization Hack

Dollar Store and Dollar Tree Bathroom Organization hacks
What a clever idea to keep your hair appliances neat and organized – yet always easy to grab when needed. I like this organizer better – it has a spot for everything. source

Makeup Organizing Hack

Dollar Store and Dollar Tree makeup drawer organizing ideas
Smart way to declutter and organize all your make-up and beauty supplies in your bathroom drawers. I like this inter-locking set of containers here – they’ll work better. source

Kids Craft Supplies Hack

Dollar Store Crafts Organization using Dollar Tree Organizers, baskets and bins
I love this simple idea to organize all the kids craft and school supplies. This craft organizer caddy is bigger and would work better since it has more sections to put things in. source

Laundry Room Organizer Hack

 Dollar Tree and Dollar Store Laundry Room Organization Hacks and Tips
This is a pretty Dollar Store hack to organize in your laundry room. I found lots of pretty blue/teal baskets to use here – they would look so nice! source

My House Was a MESS!
And my anxiety was through the roof!

I needed a plan to get it together - it was all pushing me over the edge.

Thing is - we LIVE here... I never had the fantasy that my home would ever look "Pinterest perfect".

I simply wanted more control, less clutter and much less anxiety.

I finally found something that worked for ME.
  • My house is now easier to clean - I can now clean it in minutes, instead of hours.
  • I can now actually FIND the things I'm looking for.
  • I learned some simple decluttering systems that make me much more efficient every day - and I'm more relaxed and less overwhelmed all the time (finally)
  • My house now looks pretty darn good almost all the time.
  • Best of all - I no longer stress about guests unexpectedly showing up.
Turns out, it was so much easier to do than I ever expected.

This is how I did it.

Large Pantry Organizing Hack

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization - Brilliant Dollar Store Organizing Hacks!
I LOVE these bright blue plastic baskets and bins in this large walk-in pantry – smart idea that looks amazing. Use labels like these – they work perfectly! source

Small Pantry Organization Hack

Dollar Tree Pantry organizers
Lots of Dollar Store goodies used to organize this small pantry – these wicker baskets would work great! Love the wallpaper on the wall, too. source

Spice Cabinet Organizing Hack

Dollar Store Organization ideas - organize your spice cabinets with these dollar tree organization hacks
What a smart idea that looks SO nice and neat – cheap Dollar Store containers for your spices with handmade labels on a spice shelf like this. Simply brilliant yet cheap idea! source

Refrigerator Organization Hack

Refrigerator organization Dollar Store style!  LOVE these Dollar Tree organization hacks!
Now this is a CLEVER way to organize your fridge with cheap Dollar Store bins and baskets – that would impress anyone who looks in your fridge! source

Under Sink Hacks

Organize Under the Bathroom Sink with Dollar store and dollar tree organizers
Organizing under ANY sink can be quite a challenge – limited space to work with, but tons of STUFF to get organized. This idea is clever – and it works.

More clever under sink organizing ideas here.

Bathroom Hacks

Dollar Store Organizing-Bathroom Organization on a Budget
Love Dollar Store organizing ideas as much as I do? Great! We have a LOT more organization hacks for organizing your bathroom on a budget!

See Dollar Store BATHROOM Organizing Ideas

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More Cheap Organizing Ideas

Try to get organized and STAY organized… on a budget?

Here are more cheap and easy home organization ideas:

Miss Anything?

Dollar Store Organizing on a Budget
Dollar Store Organizing - Dollar Store and Dollar Tree Organization Hacks for getting organized on a budget - works for Dollar General too.  BRILLIANT home organization hacks for getting organized at home CHEAP
Dollar Store Organizing Hacks for those on a budget -works for Dollar General & Dollar Tree too
BRILLIANT Dollar Store Organization Hacks
Dollar Store Organizing on a Budget - Cheap organizing ideas from dollar stores
Dollar Store Organizing on a Budget! DIY organizing ideas for getting organized on a budget using dollar stores items
Dollar Store organizing on a budget! Below are some some GENIUS organizing hacks using simple and CHEAP items from your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. If you want to declutter and organize, but you’re on a budget, these easy DIY tips and tricks will help
Dollar Store Organizing on a Budget
Dollar Store Organization Ideas and Budget Organizing Hacks • Dollar Store organizing on a budget! Dollar Tree organization ideas including bathroom organization ideas, closet organization ideas, drawer organization, closet hacks and more cheap ways to get organized at home on a budget