DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials & Repurposed Stuff

Handmade Christmas Decorations Made With Random and Unexpected Items – When it comes to creative and cheap DIY Christmas decorating ideas, I love using unexpected items and turning trash to treasure, don’t you?

If so, you’re gonna LOVE with these cute DIY Christmas decorating ideas in the pictures below for using recycled materials, upcycled items and repurposed STUFF to make Christmas decor for decorating, as handmade Holiday gifts – or to SELL for extra money so you’re NOT broke this Christmas.

cheap DIY christmas decorating ideas and craft projects from: DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials & Repurposed Stuff

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Cute DIY Christmas Decorations

This is my Christmas Edition for ‘Use THIS To Make THAT’

Here’s how it works…

I’ll show you a picture of a handmade Christmas decoration that has an arrow pointing to something IN the picture.

Then, you guess what that repurposed item IS.

Got it?

Let’s try this one first….

I LOVE Gnome Christmas Trees like in the picture below.

Now look at what I’m pointing to… and try and guess what it IS.

Then, scroll down and see if you’re right!

gnome Christmas trees from DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials & Repurposed Stuff
Click Here To Learn How To Make Gnome Christmas Trees

So what do you think the nose is on those gnome Christmas trees on the front porch?

If you guessed POTATO, you’re right!

I’ve also seen people take a round ball and cover it with panty hose to make the gnome noses.

Here’s another of my favorites…

Towel Reindeer craft ideas for Christmas from DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials & Repurposed Stuff
Click To See How To MAKE These Reindeer

See the arrow? Know what it is?

If you guessed, BROWN TOWELS, you’re right!

Here’s how to fold towels into reindeer.

Ok, you got how this works?

Good! let’s play!


Let’s start with an easy one…

Look at the picture of the snowmen below…. what is it?

snowman christmas craft with recycled matrials and repurposed unexpected items

Yep, those DIY Christmas snowmen are made from old coffee cans that are painted white.

How about these cute decorations on the fireplace hearth?

diy christmas decorations for fireplace hearth

Did you guess what they’re made out of?

If you guessed “SCRAP WOOD PIECES”, you’re right!

Here’s another super cute Christmas decoration you can make with scrap wood:

diy christmas decorations with painted scrap wood - says cookies, hallmark and hot cocoa on the painted wood box wrapped as a gift

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, I bet you think that idea above is as cute as I think it is!

And yep, just painted scrap wood stacked together and wrapped up as a Christmas gift.

Now, take a look at this Gnome Christmas wreath on the front door…

DIY Gnome Christmas wreath for front door made with triangle craft board and special yarn for the gnome beard

Now this one is a little harder, but can you guess what was used to make the shape of that gnome Christmas wreath?

It’s a Christmas TREE craft board like this here.

People use that board for ALL Holiday decorating crafts – Easter, Halloween, etc… they’ve even used it to make Christmas Angel wreaths!

✅  See all crafts made with that board here

Gnome Wreath Supplies:

 Use This For The Gnome Wreath FormSee It Here And Use This Yarn For His BeardSee It Here


Now, look at these mini Grinch Christmas Tree decorations

diy grinch christmas decorations

I LOVE handmade Grinch Christmas decorations, so naturally, I fell in love with those mini Grinch trees…

But HOW to get the looped ribbon to form a tree like that?!?!

Turns out, they repurposed this form florists use.


Here’s another idea using that trick:

diy mini christmas tree decorations

I just LOVE that buffalo plaid ribbon, don’t you?

Here’s what to use to make those mini Christmas trees:

Use These Forms:

 Use this green floral moldSee It Here or these taller white onesSee It Here


Use Ribbon Like These:

 Grinch Christmas Craft RibbonSee It Here Black and White Plaid Craft RibbonSee It Here


Know what else you can make with those cone-shaped floral molds?

How about this precious Christmas gnome…

diy christmas gnome with mop, sock for the hat, christmas ball ornament nose

Did you notice what his hair is made out of?

Yes, it’s a mop head.

And his hat?

It’s just a sock!

Now, look at this GORGEOUS handmade Christmas wreath…. can you guess the item?

handmade christmas wreath ideas - bows, ribbons and jesus is the reason for the season religious saying in the center

That center decoration in the wreath is…

the top from an old Christmas cookie tin!

 Just use a cookie tin lid like theseSee It Here or just put a sticker over an old lidSee It Here


Now, look at these adorable snowmen (well, snowMAN and snowWOMAN)

Can you guess what they’re made out of?

diy christmas decorations with repurposed materials

The snowman body is made from a PAINT ROLLER!

Or how about this snowman…

Look carefully and you might see it…

diy christmas snowman decoration made with plastic cups

Do you see it?

If you guessed WHITE PLASTIC CUPS, you’re right!

Here’s a video showing how to make a snowman with plastic cups:

The next one is pretty easy, but since it’s a GRINCH decoration, I feel obligated to include it haha!

diy Grinch christmas decoration made from old saw blade turned into a clock

Yep, it’s an old saw blade painted and turned into a Christmas clock.

Or how about this handmade Santa Christmas tree ornament in the picture below…

handmade Santa Christmas tree decorations made with pinecones

I bet you guessed it, right?

It’s a painted pinecone!

Here’s a cute Christmas decoration you can make for your wall…

So you see what was repurposed and upcycled to make it?

DIY Christmas Decoration using repurposed, upcycled and recycled house shutters

Yes, it’s an upcycled house shutter!

Here’s another cute idea using shutters to make Christmas snowmen:

upcycled christmas decorations and decor ideas - easy handmade christmas decorations using recycled materials

Aren’t they ADORABLE?!?!

Naturally, I saved MY favorite for last…

Look at the arrow…

Can you see what that snowman is made out of?

snowman made from tires

If you guessed: recycled old tires, you’re right!

If you want to paint tires and turn them into a snowman too.

First, be SURE to wash your tires. Brush clean the tires with a good de-greaser dish soap (like Dawn) and then rinse them off really well.

Let the tires day and then paint them with a good spray paint like this.

(no, you do NOT need to prime them if you do it following the steps above.)

 This spray paint works best for painting tires…See This …but this is usually cheaper and works well tooSee This


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