Brunch Food Ideas To WOW Your Party Crowd (recipes from our Mother’s Day potluck)

If you love brunch and hosting brunch parties as much as I do, you will LOVE these brunch food ideas!

While these recipes LOOK fancy, they’re all pretty easy (some are make ahead recipes), but they are sure to WOW your crowd with your brunch cooking skills!

Brunch Food Ideas To WOW Your Party Crowd (recipes from our Mother's Day potluck)

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This past Mother’s Day, the family did a potluck-style brunch for ALL our family and friends. Not only was the company wonderful, but the FOOD was AMAZING!

Let me share with you the best dishes we had at that Mother’s Day bring-a-dish party for your recipe file, but also so **I** remember them for Father’s Day, Easter and probably even Christmas morning…. heck, New year’s Day brunch too!

There’s a little sneak peak of the final dish, then a link to see the recipe under each picture.

brunch food ideas - Overnight French Toast Crockpot Casserole

Overnight French Toast Crockpot Casserole

brunch food ideas - banana pudding tiramisu with caramel sauce

Banana Pudding Tiramisu With Caramel

brunch food ideas - Berry Croissant Casserole Brunch Bake

Berry Croissant Bake

brunch food ideas - Monte Cristo Brunch Sliders

Monte Cristo Brunch Sliders

brunch food ideas - Cold brunch appetizers bites and finger foods

Brunch Appetizers and Finger Foods

brunch food ideas - Mini Avocado Toast Bites

Mini Avocado Toast Bites

brunch food ideas - Blueberry Sweet Rolls

Blueberry Sweet Rolls

brunch food ideas - Make ahead blueberry brunch cake

Make Ahead Blueberry Brunch Cake

I still need to get the other 12 or so recipes (yes, Angie, Suzanne and Aunt Cheryl… I’m talking to YOU haha!)

Update: Aunt Cheryl is in the house with her brunch casserole recipe!

Now, my Aunt Cheryl is the one I call the Low Carb Queen, so naturally her recipe contribution is low carb.

But let me tell ya… it’s GOOD!

Our crowd gobbled it up – they could care less if it was low carb or not!

Low carb make ahead breakfast casserole recipe

(note, Aunt Cheryl said the original recipe called for about half an onion diced and sauteed to be added to the casserole, but she does not add it.)

Update: Angie is finally in the house with the BEST part of our brunch – her Mimosa recipe!

This is the recipe she used – they were so good and really pretty to look at too!

Strawberry Orange Brunch Mimosas

She also made a “mocktail” non-alcohol version for those that wanted their mimosa without champagne using this recipe.

Bunch Mocktail Mimosas

Her “brunch punch” (or mimosa mocktails) was delicious and refreshing – a nice twist on traditional plain orange juice.

I’ll keep updating as my procrastinating family and friends send me their recipes =)

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