Professional Organizing Tips And Secrets Straight From The Pros

Feeling OVERWHELMED By Clutter? Ever Feel Like “They” Aren’t Telling You Something That Would REALLY Help You Get Seriously Organized And FINALLY Get Rid Of Clutter? You’re Probably Right!

Professional Home Organizers DO know a few secrets and tricks to use to help you declutter and organize your home – especially helpful when you’re feeling OVERWHELMED by CLUTTER.

Today, I’m going to share their tips, tricks and decluttering advice that will hopefully show you how to start getting organized when you are OVERWHELMED.

declutter 101 - 4 secrets of professional organizers

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from overwhelmed to organized

From Overwhelmed To Organized

When you want to declutter and organize your home, the first thing you will probably feel is OVERWHELM.

side note: here’s WHY clutter overwhelms YOU

Where do you start?

Is it even possible for you to convert your cluttered house into a clutter-free home?

It IS possible!

And YES, you CAN clean your cluttered house fast!

Straight From The Pros

Here are 4 simple professional organizing tips straight from the pros that will help you **go from overwhelmed to organized** – and clutter-free – WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

professional organizing tips straight from the pros

Hiring a professional organizer is a life-changing experience, but not everyone can afford to do that. That means, we need to make use of the tips and tricks professional organizers use and apply them to our own strategy to declutter and organize each room in our home.

The most important tip any organizing Pro will tell you is to **DOWNSIZE and SIMPLIFY.** Having less STUFF makes home organizing SO much easier.

I’ve talked about WHY clutter LITERALLY exhausts you here (and it’s an important read), but having less to deal with will help everything else fall into place.

Simple things like cleaning up after yourself will become habit – and something you look forward to doing.

 Professional Organizer’s Tell-All Guide to OrganizingI Found It Here The Complete Book of Home OrganizationI Found It Here


Professional Organizing Tips

There are many “common sense” organizing tips such as NEVER use boxes to organize, give yourself a lot of time, and common mistakes to avoid.

But what about the not-so-common organizing tips? What advice do the Pros have?

Let’s find out!

Organize Your Organization

1. When working on decluttering and organizing a room in your home, be sure to take multiple boxes or bags with you.

Tips from Professional Organizers - how to declutter and organize your home fast like a Professional Organizer

Professional organizers use 5 separate boxes.

– One for trash
– One for things to donate
– One for things that belong in another room
– One for things to give to a family member or friend
– One box for your “think it over” items.

What are “think it over” items?

Those are the things that you’re not quite sure what to do with at the moment.

Professional organizers will have you put those “not sure” items all in one box and then put that box away.

If you don’t need and/or look for anything in that box after a few months, you don’t need that stuff.

Makes sense, right?

The Best Time To Declutter

2. Procrastination is NOT your friend.

Tips from Professional Organizers - Feeling Overwhelmed by clutter and your messy house, here's some tips from the Pros to help you declutter and organize your home

Clutter sure has a quick and sneaky way of building up when simple jobs are put to the side.

Professional organizers know that the best time to do something is at the moment you see it needs to be done.

Even for “normal” families – do it when you see it!

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Declutter Your Pantry in 3 Simple Steps

For example, in our house, dirty dishes are THE thing that build up and at times I don’t really even remember when they were used.

If each time a plate or dish was dirtied it was put right into the dishwasher instead of just piled in the sink, keeping the kitchen clean and clutter-free would be SO much easier.

Tips from Professional Organizers for Uncluttering Your Home.  Go from cluttered mess to organized success with these tips from Professional Organizers

Know The Rules

3. Make your decluttering rules BEFORE you start.

For example, tell yourself that if you come across anything that is broken, stained, or in any sort of disrepair, that you ARE going to throw it away.

And above all…

Do NOT make one of these decluttering MISTAKES!

Setting your own boundaries BEFORE you start will actually make the decluttering process easier and faster.

Not Sure HOW To Do That?

☑ Read: Best Decluttering Rules For Success


4. The first step is the most important step – get rid of the junk and unwanted stuff FIRST.

For example, when you’re decluttering and organizing your closet, first get rid of every, single thing you do not wear, that does not fit, or isn’t wearable.

Tips from Professional organizers to stop feeling overwhelmed by messy house and clutter - learn how to declutter and organize your home FAST like Professional organizers do

Then, organize what’s left in your closet.

There’s no point trying to declutter and organize any space in your home if you’re constantly fighting the clutter you do NOT want (or need).

Get rid of it first, then organize what’s left.

#1 Secret Of Organizing Pros

8 Tips To Declutter Like A Pro
All the Professional Organizers near you would NOT have a business if we all knew, and FOLLOWED, this one secret trick.

Thing is, we don’t haha!

But it DOES work to keep your house organized without all the clutter building up.


That video is NOT mine – I just found it helpful.

Her cheat sheet is here

BUT, while it is free, you do have to give your email address.

Extreme Decluttering Methods

The Pros have 4 decluttering methods that I, personally, think are pretty extreme.

That said, they ARE effective and worth mentioning in case they might work for YOU.

4 extreme ways to declutter your home

That image might be hard to read so let me list those 4 decluttering methods out for you (and h/t to happy little dumpster for the inspo!)

90/90 Decluttering Method

In short, as you’re decluttering ask yourself, “Have I used this in the past 90 days?” – if the answer is “No”, then ask yourself, “WILL I use this item in the NEXT 90 days?”.

If the answer is NO to both of those questions, get rid of the item.

To me, in my humble opinion, that’s not a **REALISTIC decluttering strategy like these are**

For example, Christmas stuff – you gonna get rid of that just because you declutter in May?

Project 333

This is more of an extreme and minimalist-inspired way to declutter your closet and create a more “capsule” wardrobe of less.

Basically, you only allow yourself 33 clothing items (including accessories) to wear for the next 3 months.

Everything else gets packed away (or totally removed).

Me? While I probably wear the same 33 things most of the time, I do NOT like to be limited. But for others, it just might work.

1 In 1 Out

This method isn’t extreme, but it’s not a way to actually DE-clutter, it’s more a way to KEEP clutter from coming BACK into your home.

The short version – for every NEW thing that comes IN your home, another item goes OUT.

It’s pretty much the same as **my Box In Box Out Challenge here**

The Box Method

Now this method IS extreme – like, TOTALLY extreme – and absolutely not right for everyone.

The short of it?

Pack up EVERYTHING YOU OWN into boxes and then only take items OUT when you use them.

The theory is that after 90 days, whatever is left in your boxes can be decluttered and removed from your home.

Sounds like a real pain in the you-know-what to me, but when I think back to when we’ve moved, we kinda did this exact thing without realizing it.

We moved in all our boxes and slowly took out the things we need, use and love.

After a few months, there were still unpacked boxes that most likely contained things we did NOT need, use or love.

But doing that same thing WITHOUT packing to move? Eh, no thanks haha!

Hopefully, one of those extreme methods sounds like something you could do and it WORKS for you!

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My House Was a MESS!
And my anxiety was through the roof!

I needed a plan to get it together - it was all pushing me over the edge.

Thing is - we LIVE here... I never had the fantasy that my home would ever look "Pinterest perfect".

I simply wanted more control, less clutter and much less anxiety.

I finally found something that worked for ME.
  • My house is now easier to clean - I can now clean it in minutes, instead of hours.
  • I can now actually FIND the things I'm looking for.
  • I learned some simple decluttering systems that make me much more efficient every day - and I'm more relaxed and less overwhelmed all the time (finally)
  • My house now looks pretty darn good almost all the time.
  • Best of all - I no longer stress about guests unexpectedly showing up.
Turns out, it was so much easier to do than I ever expected.

This is how I did it.

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