{Stop Germs from Spreading!} 27+ Amazing Hydrogen Peroxide Uses – and a Secret Tip

• Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips – Plus My Flu & Stomach Bug Killer Secret •

Tired of getting the Flu and every stomach bug your kids bring home from school? Guess what? Hand washing is NOT enough to stop germs from spreading! Learn how I STOP the “cooties” from spreading through MY house. And if you already HAVE a nasty stomach virus IN your house, this will help KEEP other family members (and YOU) from getting it, too.

In a hurry?

This is the “Red Soap” we use for hand-washing in my house.


We’ve been using it for years and I truly believe it has greatly reduced the germs and sickness in my house (and has protected us from things we touch OUTSIDE our house)

According to the product info here, it not only kills bacteria, virus and other germs that are already on your hands, it also PROTECTS your hands from the germs you touch in the 5-6 hours AFTER you wash with it.

Between this special “Red Soap” and the specific Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners I use that I talk about below, I feel as if I am protecting my family, my friends AND myself better than if I only used regular everyday cleaners and and hand soap.

As with anything of this nature, do your own research and do what YOU feel is best for YOUR family.

How I Keep FLU Germs OUT of My House - works for stomach bug germs too!

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Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural and truly MAGICAL multi-purpose (and CHEAP) solution for so many household needs. You can clean, sanitize AND disinfect all with these simple hydrogen peroxide cleaning recipes below.

Hydrogen Peroxide is also the BEST way to kill germs (like the nasty FLU germs) – there are some hydrogen peroxide cleaners that even kill the worst stomach bug germs, like the NoroVirus and the dreaded roto-virus!

I have a very simple system for killing germs in my house AND for keeping them OUT of my house to begin with – I’ll share that secret with you below.

Stop Germs from Spreading! How To Stop the Stomach Bug, the Flu and other School Germs from Spreading through YOUR house and to YOU. Hand washing is NOT enough!

Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic cleaner and disinfectant for household use. It has the ability to quickly kill bacteria. After being used for cleaning and coming into contact with light and air, peroxide will decompose turning into simple water and oxygen. It leaves no harmful or toxic residue behind as do most disinfectants.

An important thing to remember is that hydrogen peroxide breaks down in light. That’s why it comes in the brown bottle. When you make cleaners with it, use only opaque bottles or the brown one it comes in, not clear bottles. Do not sit it on a window sill or in the sun.

Here’s some easy ways to start using this miracle cleaner in your home.

tip: I use this healthcare grade hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting surfaces and around the house – sure helps to keep those cooties and stomach bugs FAR away!

This even kills the dreaded NoroVirus stomach bug – which VERY FEW cleaners truly do.

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Read all the GLOWING reviews here.

Bonus Tip: not only does this hospital-grade cleaner REALLY kill germs and viruses – it’s also amazing for removing stains from carpet (be sure to test first…but it’s never done any damage to my white/being Berber carpet)

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Why Not Use Bleach?

Many people (myself included) have wondered why not use bleach to sanitize and disinfect their home surfaces…

Let me ask you a question…

Have you EVER smelled BLEACH in a doctor’s office?

Of course not!

Bleach is chlorine – and the fumes stink (and aren’t good for you).

I found this gem of a post on Facebook that details out WHY you should use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach plus a long list of valuable ways to use hydrogen peroxide to clean and for health uses.

Totally worth the read!

The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Why use Hydrogen Peroxide instead of bleach…

Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Cleaning & Sanitizing

note: we are using regular drug store variety 3% hydrogen peroxide in all these formulas.

Anti-Bacterial Spray

Empty a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide into an unused opaque spray bottle or attach a sprayer to the peroxide bottle. Use the spray straight and undiluted as an anti-bacterial spray for counters in bath and kitchen, door knobs, light switches, toilet seats, etc. Just spray a mist of the solution on the area to be cleaned and wipe with a paper towel or cloth.

Glass and Window Cleaner

Mix 2-1/2 cups of hydrogen peroxide into 1 gallon of tap water. Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of your favorite dish soap and mix. Pour, as needed, into a spray bottle. Spray and wipe.

Countertop Cleaning

Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Use as a spray and wipe cleaner.

Stain Removal

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Disinfect Cutting Boards

Prepare 2 bottles of cleaner, one with hydrogen peroxide and the other with white vinegar. Spray the vinegar over areas to disinfect. Follow with a spray and wipe of hydrogen peroxide. After washing cutting boards with hot soapy water, spray with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Simply spray and let dry.

Clean Dish Cloths and Sponges

Soak or heavily spray a dishcloth or sponge in hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect.

Sanitize Plastic Water Bottles

Clean, sanitize and remove odors from water bottles with half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Fill and let sit for a few hours, then rinse.

Clean Refrigerator

Undiluted peroxide is a great spray and wipe for refrigerators.

Clean Fruits and Vegetables

Spray with hydrogen peroxide and rinse to remove germs, insecticides and pesticides. Remove wax from the outside of fruits and vegetables by soaking in a sink of cold water and about ½ cup of peroxide. Soak about 15 minutes and then rinse and dry.

Clean the Microwave

Clean the inside of the microwave by squirting with hydrogen peroxide and wiping.

More Ways To Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide

NOTE: You may want to wear rubber gloves when using peroxide because it can turn the skin on fingertips white. If so, simply wash and dry and apply lotion.

How To REALLY Kill Germs

…and keep germs from spreading through your family, your house…and your LIFE!

I think it’s safe to assume that we ALL know that washing our hands is the #1 way to prevent illness and picking up NASTY stomach bugs and cooties, right?

BUT Did You Know…

What you wash your hands WITH can make a HUGE difference.

Smart Moms KNOW how to keep germs from spreading and avoid getting the stomach Flu.  The secret? Hydrogen Peroxide is the BEST way to kill germs (like the nasty FLU germs) – there are some hydrogen peroxide cleaners that even kill the worst stomach bug germs, like the NoroVirus and the dreaded roto-virus!  Here's how to use it...

My Secret For Preventing The Flu

There are 2 simple parts to my “secret” for keeping flu germs from spreading in my house – and usually preventing the Flu and stomach viruses all-together.

1. Soap MATTERS!

We started using this hospital-grade soap in our house – and wow, what a difference it has made!

The kids wash their hands with it BEFORE school (it helps protect you for HOURS after using it) and again AFTER school to kill whatever germs they brought home.

I use it whenever I wash my hands but especially BEFORE going out shopping or any other public area.


Because this special soap not only kills germs, it also PROTECTS you from the germs on the things you touch.

I even carry these small bottles with me on vacation.

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We don’t use it full-strength (unless there is something REALLY nasty in direct proximity…lol!).

I mix it 50/50 with water and put it in these foaming soap dispensers – and I have my “Magic Soap” Dispensers near EVERY sink in our home.

2. What You Clean WITH Matters

Get this hospital grade cleaner – it kills EVERYTHING!

I know all those house cleaner commercials and Lysol advertisements claim to kill the REALLY nasty germs, but they really don’t.

One spring, a rotovirus stomach bug (the WORST one) was brought into our house by a 3-year-old that was sick a WEEK before. What people don’t know is that while you may not still have symptoms of a virus, you can be contagious for long afterwards.

If you think about kids – well, they touch parts of their body where the germs end up finally leaving the body (ie, their bottom) – and then they touch EVERYTHING.

That’s how the worst viruses get spread – and most grocery store cleaners do NOT kill those really horible, nasty germs.

This cleaner DOES kill them.

If you’re worried about germs coming into your house, use it. If you have someone sick in your house, USE IT OFTEN. Spray it on everything people touch.

Trust me – this cleaner plus this special hand soap changes everything.

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Turns out, it was so much easier to do than I ever expected.

This is how I did it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - How to use Hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner, sanitizer, disinfectant, and germ KILLER!
How I keep from getting a stomach virus and how to keep stomach bugs from spreading in your house...and KEEP those germs OUT of your house to begin with.  This REALLY works for me!

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