10 Clutter “Hot Spots” That Make Your Home Look MESSY

Cleaning house is an endless battle, but these 10 Clutter Hot Spots make keeping your house clean SO much more of a challenge. Worst of all, these clutter spots make your home LOOK messy – even when it’s clean.

Let’s talk about cleaning frequency and the 10 Clutter Hot Spots you need to add to your cleaning routine checklist.

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Cleaning Frequency

There are things and areas in your home that you should be cleaning daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly AND yearly – that’s NOT a “news flash”, right? But what most cleaning checklists do NOT include is those annoying clutter Hot Spots that need to be addressed daily.

In this house cleaning frequency chart below, you will see under the “Daily” column that we recommend cleaning at least one clutter hot spot per day.

House Cleaning Frequency Routine Chart

One of the BEST ways to stop clutter from taking over your life is to keep on top of it in the areas where clutter just seems to show up and multiply.

When you declutter at least one of those clutter hot spot areas each day, you can easily keep on top of it so you do NOT have to do one massive overwhelming day of decluttering your home.

Remember, feeling overwhelmed is NOT the goal here at Decluttering Your Life, ok?

What ARE Clutter ‘Hot Spots’?

When it comes to decluttering your home, it’s important to identify the areas where clutter tends to accumulate, in other words – Clutter Hot Spots.

These are 10 most common places where clutter just seems to magically appear ALL THE TIME.

Entryway/Foyer/Main Entrance: The entryway is a common area for clutter to accumulate, such as shoes, coats, and mail. We walk in and DUMP the STUFF (the kids and the hubby are FAMOUS for this not-so-loved technique haha!)

Kitchen Countertops: In most homes, the kitchen is the hub of all activity, and all the THINGS.

Closets: Closets often become a haven for clutter, especially when clothes and accessories are not organized properly. Don’t forget the linen closet and the hallway coat closet (which is where we tend to play “hide the clutter” most often.

Home Office/Desk: Papers, office supplies, mail, stuff for the kids and miscellaneous items can quickly lead to clutter PILES in your home office or on your desk.

Living Room: Items like magazines, books, and remote controls, games, TOYS etc just magically multiple whenever I walk out of my living room.

Bathroom: My bathroom countertops are the HOTTEST of my personal Clutter Hot Spots. I truly believe there is some little elf that sneaks in and puts ALL the things on my counter.

Bedroom: Clutter can easily accumulate in the bedroom – especially on dressers and nightstands. I adore my hubby but wow, he LOVES to pile things on his dresser and nightstand. I truly believe if I didn’t work that hot spot often, his stuff would end up in bed with us!

Laundry Room: Unfolded laundry, baskets and cleaning supplies slowly build up in our laundry room. I try to ignore it by simply closing the door – but reality is: it’s a hot spot I can’t ignore.

Stairs: So much clutter and random stuff builds up on our stairs as items are left there to be taken up or down, but never going anywhere unless I Hot Spot it.

Play Areas: Naturally, toys, games, and all the kid stuff can quickly turn in clutter disaster zones – but the adults ’round here clutter up their own “play areas” too (ie, our back porch where we are found every day all spring and summer long).

Needless to say, your home and your clutter Hot Spots may very well not be the same as mine – so go ahead and adjust with the spots where the STUFF piles up in YOUR home.

As a general rule, if it’s a flat surface, it’s a Hot Spot.

Include Hot Spots in Your Cleaning Routine

Every daily cleaning routine, schedule or checklist SHOULD include these 10 clutter Hot Spots. If you work one of these areas each day, you WILL tame the clutter build up AND…

Your house will be EASIER to clean.

Here’s the updated cleaning frequency chart WITH the Hot Spots included at the bottom.

Feel free to save it to Pinterest so you have it.

House cleaning checklist what to clean, how often

How To Manage Clutter HotSpots in Your Home

There are many strategies for managing the clutter hot spot areas in your home. That said, no matter HOW the strategy is explained, you still gotta DO it – so keep it simple enough that you WILL do it consistently.

In the video below are some more helpful tips for managing your hot spot clutter collector areas. She’s a bit more “minimalist” than I am, but her ideas are solid.

So what are YOUR clutter hot spots?

Do you include them in YOUR daily cleaning checklist?

Don’t HAVE a cleaning checklist and home maintenance binder?

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