7 Pantry Clutter Solutions For An UNcluttered Pantry

…and FREE printable pantry organization checklists!

Pantry clutter is sooooo frustrating and overwhelming! A cluttered, messy pantry flat out makes me nuts. It might just be me, but I can NOT stand when my pantry is totally disorganized and I can’t find anything! Even though my family still tends to just shove things back in the pantry in any ol’ place, I have figured out 7 simple pantry clutter solutions that not only help ME feel less frustrated, but also seem to help my family put things BACK where they belong (yay!)
Pantry Clutter Solutions To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry Items

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Has this ever happened to you?

You come home with your just bought groceries and go to put things away in your pantry.

You bought 4 cans of green beans and a thing of ranch dressing because you were convinced you were out of those things.

Lo’ and behold, as you start pushing things around in your pantry to make room for the new stuff, you find…

6 cans of green beans and 2 bottles of ranch dressing shoved deep in the back!

Not only does a cluttered, disorganized pantry make me crazy – it also costs money (or at least WASTES money).

So, let’s organize that pantry clutter so it’s functional AND less overwhelming to look at.

Sort items by purpose

In any pantry cupboard there are items for cooking, for baking, for snacks, for quick lunches, etc. And in each category there are mini-categories. Baking, for example, has the specialty items (baking powder/soda, extracts, spices etc.,) and the bulk items (flour, white sugar, brown sugar, oats, etc.). Have an area, shelf, or cupboard dedicated to each need.

Use vertical space

Often cupboards are least 18 inches high. Your spices, your cans of soup, and a lot of other pantry items need only a fraction of that space. If you stack them, you’ll use that space. However, stacking does limit your product visibility, so another way to use vertical space is to pick up or build some sturdy shelves to sit inside your pantry shelves themselves.

Use corner space well

Lazy-susans are wonderful inventions that allow you to easily access the deep corners of your pantry cupboards. Remember to give each level a different purpose (spices specifically for baking on one level, spices specifically for cooking on the other?)

Don’t over buy

Do not “over buy” too many items, no matter how good the deal. Space and organization is valuable too. Use up the overstock and resist the urge to buy 20 more cans of tomatoes even though you found them for a great price.

Limit bulky boxes

Learn to limit your cereal choices. Cereal boxes take up a LOT of space. Plus, stale cereal is not very appetizing, so only keep as many different kinds of cereal boxes in your pantry as the amount you will eat before it goes bad.

Have a system

Use a square storage container system that optimizes space use. Purchase food storage container sets that have clear sides and that are made to stack well together. Round containers waste your precious pantry space! You’ll be amazed at how neat and user-friendly your pantry becomes!

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Box up loose items and simplify

Don’t leave random small items mixed in with your biggest bulk supplies. Instead, box them up according to basic need or type. For example, you can put all of your cooking spice envelopes/packages in one container along with dried soup packages instead of piling them on a various shelves. This will keep your pantry looking tidy!

Pantry Checklist Printables

This is a bonus pantry clutter tip, but it’s really, REALLY helped me.

Use a printable pantry inventory checklist.

I know it sounds like extra work and just one MORE thing you need to do, but by simply keeping track on paper of what you actually have in your pantry, you will SAVE yourself a lot of time and frustration.

If anything, fill out your pantry inventory organizer BEFORE you go shopping. That one simple task will save you MONEY.

Here are 4 of my favorite FREE pantry checklists:

Pantry Organization Printables - These 4 free pantry inventory printable checklists are a life saver AND a money saver for an UNcluttered and organized pantry in your kitchen. Learn more pantry clutter solutions at Decluttering Your Life DIY house clutter organizing ideas blog

Where to get them and print them:

#1 – Free Kitchen Organization Printables

VERY useful kitchen and pantry organization multi-packs printable set – and yep, it’s FREE.

#2 – Pantry Inventory Checklist

Simple pantry checklist pdf – just click and print.

#3 – Get Organized Checklist For Your Pantry

A simple pantry organization checklist (with fun colors)

#4 – Pantry and Meal Planning Checklist Pack

Free printable weekly meal planner set that contains weekly meal planner, master grocery list, grocery shopping list, recipe planner, fridge inventory, pantry inventory, and freezer inventory template – VERY useful!

There are many ways you can declutter and organize your pantry, but hopefully these tips will to give you a place to start! Even by doing only ONE of these, you’ll be on your way to having a neat and user-friendly pantry in no time!