HATE Waking Up To Your Cluttered MESSY House? Try This For Just 7 Days – It WORKS!
-if being surrounded by clutter starts YOUR day off BADLY, try this simple 7-day fix...it helped me SO much...

If waking up to clutter puts you in a stressed out BAD mood each morning, you are NOT alone!

This was happening to me too – so I decided to FIX it…and it was easier than I thought it would be.

Overwhelmed by clutter? Tired of waking up to a cluttered messy house everyday? I did 6 things every day for 7 days and it helped me control my clutter and keep a clean house.

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We put our children to bed with love… we kiss our spouse goodnight with love…we cover our pets in love at bedtime, too… so…

Why don’t we put our HOUSE to bed with the same love and appreciation?

Heck, if you’re like me, we even put our PHONES to bed by putting them on the charger so it’s charged and ready the next day.

Doesn’t your HOME deserve to be “charged and ready” for the next day too?

Don’t YOU deserve it as well?

Yes – YES you DO!

overwhelmed by clutter? hate waking UP to clutter? Try this 7-day clutter fix from Decluttering Your Life

I’ve been known to suffer from insomnia – and it’s not fun.

I’ve figured out that one of the biggest causes of me not sleeping well is stress and anxiety over what I need to do the next day.

Many of those things stressing me out can not be handled UNTIL the next day…


One of the things I CAN handle and control BEFORE I go to bed is the state of my home.

Nothing starts my day off worse than opening my eyes to a fresh new day and the first thing I see is…



(and by the way, this is a BIG reason why I believe you should declutter your BEDROOM first)

Then, I get up – already aggravated just minutes into my day – and I walk into the bathroom…

Where there is MORE mess and MORE clutter.

Let me tell you, my day is off to a VERY bad start at that point.

Can you relate?

Then, off I go to the kitchen…. walking through more mess in the living room and then into the still messy kitchen.

Now, I’m super annoyed and exhausted and overwhelmed – and I haven’t DONE anything yet!

Then one day it hit me…

What IF I did NOT go to bed stressed about the house?

What IF I did NOT wake up to see clutter and mess?

What IF I simply took 10-15 minutes each night to put my home to bed?

And above all…

What IF I only did that for ME?

So I tried it…

and the first few nights, it was hard because I was tired and did NOT want to deal with it.

But I did it anyway…

I took a few minutes and straightened up the kitchen – especially the area around my coffee pot and where I’d make breakfast and where we eat breakfast.

I took another few minutes and did a quick tidy up in the living room.

Then headed to my bedroom and did a quick straighten up in there and a quick wipe down in my bathroom.

Then, after I put my house to bed – I went to bed…

and I slept a lot better.

The best part was:

When I woke up, I was not instantly aggravated by what I saw as soon as I opened my eyes.

And I can’t BEGIN to tell you how much BETTER my morning coffee tastes when I’m NOT surrounded by mess!

It’s crazy how a little simple change can have such a HUGE effect on everything about my day.

I told a friend of mine what I was doing – she thought I was a little nuts at first, but then I saw her eyes light up.

A few weeks later she told me…

I’m putting MY house to bed now, too! And the whole family does their part – it’s been GREAT!

She taught her kids to put their rooms to bed each night.

Her husband puts the living room to bed each night.

And she puts the kitchen to bed.

The best part for her?

She said,

“Best of all, not only do I wake up happier, less stressed and in a better mood now, but EVERYONE in the house starts their day that way, too!”

Try it – just for a week, but do it every night for seven days and see if it doesn’t make a difference.

Above all – do it for YOU.

You deserve it.

decluttering your life

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