Our Debt Story – From In Debt to OUT of Debt – To Getting in Debt… AGAIN

How We Got In Debt… Again

I’m sure we all have some sort of embarrassing debt story which usually follows with another story of getting OUT of debt and details of a debt free journey. Today, I want to share with you another version of this story… a young, successful couple were in debt, followed Dave Ramsey’s advice and got OUT of debt… only to fall right back into debt again. The story below is Cullen and Katie’s debt story – as they call their “embarrassing debt story” – that I think shares a BIG lesson for us all. Be warned tho – it’s painfully honest – but is sure to help a LOT of people with their own plans to finally get OUT of debt.
Cullen and Katie Debt Journey - from getting out of debt to getting in debt again - learn how we got in debt.

Getting Into Debt – Again

I just love the daily family vloggers Katie and Cullen. This amazing couple makes a daily video sharing their life with their 2 kids and they share it ALL – the good, the bad, the amazing…and the heartbreaking.

Recently, Katie and Cullen shared a video on Youtube called “Our Debt Disaster – How We Got Here” in which they shared the story of how, in the early years of their marriage, they found themselves in debt and decided to follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Total Money Makeover plan for getting out of debt.

They went all-in with Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system and worked their way OUT of debt.

And yes, Dave Ramsey’s system for getting out of debt DOES work – highly recommended!

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Then, the years passed by, Katie and Cullen found big success as YouTube Vloggers…

they stopped doing the cash envelope system…

they started enjoying their new luxury lifestyle and spending too much money…

and recently realized just HOW in debt they are now.

In other words, in debt AGAIN.

Now, I don’t share this to embarrass them because I genuinely think the world of them and how the Cullen and Katie vlogs have opened up great conversations about some serious topics.

I also have great admiration for just how MUCH of their personal daily lives they share with their subscribers and viewers – everything from fertility issues, to potty training, to gaining control of clutter in their home, to marriage issues and various health issues… and now, what must be a really tough thing to share so publicly… being in debt again.

Debt Backstory

Instead of me explaining, let’s hear Cullen and Katie explain their debt journey in this Part 1 video below.

LOTS of useful information if YOU are trying to get out of debt (and you’ll also see – you are NOT alone – and you CAN get OUT of debt)

The biggest lesson of all (in my opinion) –

Simply having MORE money is NOT the solution to debt issues.

Our Debt Disaster – How We Got Here

Cullen and Katie Debt Journey – how we got OUT of debt and how we got BACK in debt.

The Debt Disaster Story

Here’s Part 2 of Katie and Cullen’s Debt Journey. In this video they talk more about where they are NOW with their debt situation:

Our Debt Disaster – We Owe $57,000 IN ONE CATEGORY!

Let’s dig into how our financial situation stands NOW… and everything that happened that got us here…

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How Much Money We Spent

And here’s a follow up video that shares the actual numbers and calculations of Cullen and Katie’s actual debt.

Yes, some of the amounts owed and paid each month may very well be jaw-dropping for many of you.

Luxury Lifestyle Leads to Debt (with Receipts) – Our Debt Disaster

Katie and Cullen share receipts and actual amounts owed in this follow up to their debt jounrey…

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Our embarassing debt story - how we got in debt again.  Cullena dn Katie in debt and their debt journey of getting in debt and getting out of debt again.


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