Garage Sale Tips To Make The MOST Money Possible (tips from Pros that make thousands!)
-from garage sale organization to pricing tips and tricks, these are the BEST garage sale tips that really helped...

Today’s topic: Garage Sale Tips, Tricks and Ideas For a Profitable Yard Sale.

Garage sales, rummage sales and community yard sales can be a GREAT way to not only make money but to also downsize and get rid of your STUFF in the process – but HOW do you make the most money possible from a yard sale selling your used STUFF?

Let me share with you the best garage sale tips I read BEFORE having my own yard sale that really helped me organize everything, PRICE everything – and yes, BE PROFITABLE too.

yard sale tips and tricks

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garage sale tips for a profitable yard sale

It can be REALLY hard to throw things away when you KNOW those items are worth money to SOMEONE.

Usually, I am not a big fan of garage sales or yard sales, but as things get SO much more expensive, every little extra dollar coming IN really can help.

Decluttering your home AND making money sounds like a win in my book!

While planning my own yard sale, I read a LOT of super helpful advice to make having a garage sale less stressful and more successful.

Below are the tips and tricks I read that made a big difference – and are highly recommended if YOU are planning on selling your stuff at a garage sale or even a community / neighborhood yard sale.

Garage sales tips to make most money at a yard sale

1. How To Have a Successful Garage Sale – Tips from a Yard Sale Pro

Reading garage sale tips from someone with a LOT of experience was my first stop.

All I had to read was…

…my last yard sale netted me over $1200 over a 4-day period and I have consistently made over $1,000 with each yard sale that I’ve had for the last five years…

and I KNEW I found super helpful tips for ME.

Yard Sale Ideas - These garage sale tips make her over $1,000 EVERY time she has a garage sale.

Here are 10 ways she ALWAYS makes $1,000+ at every, single garage sale she does:

  1. Planning is EVERYTHING! Get a garage sale planner like this.
  2. Don’t do it alone – have a MULTI-family yard sale.
  3. Location is everything – be “findable” on a well-traveled street.
  4. Have BIG memorable Garage Sale Signs (these signs WILL work haha!)
  5. Put balloons on your signs so they REALLY stand out.
  6. Advertise EVERYWHERE.
  7. Don’t try and sell junky items – if it’s torn, stained or broken, throw it out.
  8. Put Big “eye-catching” items up front so those passing by easily see them.
  9. Keep the entire area clean.
  10. Have a helper.

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She offers lots of great advice – totally worth a read.

Read these tips on

2. How To Hold a Successful Garage Sale This Summer

This whole article is full of VERY helpful tips… but her pricing tips were especially helpful for me.

Just a few tips she shares as a ‘pricing guide’ for garage sales:

  • Keep your prices LOW so things sell.
  • An ideal starting point for pricing garage sale items is about 10% above your “ideal” price.
  • Don’t bother with items less than a quarter – not worth your time. Just GIVE those items away to garage sale visitors.
  • Put a price tag on EVERYTHING to avoid EVERYONE asking “how mush is this?” all day long.
  • For a higher-priced items, post what the current retail price is. People LOVE a good deal!

Read all her tips on

3. Garage Sale Hacks To Make The Most Money

Holly has a lot of helpful tips for running a profitable garage sale or yard sale.

The tip I wrote down was one I didn’t even think about when planning…

Making CHANGE for garage sale customers (tip – only accept cash, ok?)

Holly highly recommends getting change from the bank BEFORE the day of your garage sale.

She says she typically has about $100 cash on hand in change ranging from quarters up to $10 bills.

Read all her tips on

4. 10 Yard Sale Tips That’ll Clear Your Clutter Fast

Also a very helpful article, but the BEST tips she shared are two very important things.

yard sale tips - 2 garage sale must haves for a profitable garage sale

2 Garage Sale MUST HAVES for a profitable yard sale:


Buying everything you need for your garage sale in a KIT is much cheaper than buying necessary items one by one.

2 – Put Signs EVERYWHERE

It’s absolute MUST to “market” your garage sale or yard sale – and this includes putting signs EVERYWHERE.

If people don’t know about your sale, they won’t come.

If it’s not easy to FIND your sale, they won’t come.

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She also mentioned checking with her HOA (Home Owners Association) and/or your city zoning office BEFORE you even start planning your yard sale to be SURE there are no restrictions.

You can read all her tips on

5. How To Have a Yard Sale Tips – $1065 In ONE Day

The whole $1056 from a ONE DAY garage sale absolutely got my attention.

The best tips I got from her articles was what items sell BEST.

Garage Sale Tips and Tricks - 9 Items That Sell The BEST At A Yard Sale

The 9 best-selling items at a garage sale are:

  • Clothes (always a best seller!)
  • Baby/kid items
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Household decor
  • Tools
  • Shoes
  • Video games
  • Electronics
  • Cheap furniture

Funny, I never thought about selling old SHOES, but hey ya never know, right?

She also mentioned that most yard sale shoppers are only willing to spend about $1 – $5 on an item – and that her garage sales usually have about 80% of her items priced UNDER $5.

That’s a good tip!

You can read all her tips on

6. Tales of a Town-Wide Garage Sale

This was a good read mainly because I’ve always wanted to participate in a multi-family garage sale type set-up and she shared some good advice on how all that works.

She also shared this free pdf of garage sale tips that are worth a read.

Her motto for her garage sales is: “Everything Must GO

And she prices everything with that in mind.

Also, AFTER her yard sale is over, she IMMEDIATELY sorts of the items that are left into donate and trash boxes and then gets rid of that stuff too (that’s MY kind of plan!)

You can read all her tips on

7. 31 Garage Sale Tips and Tricks – Pricing and Set Up Ideas

Heidi has a few golden nugget tips for having a garage sale in her article.

One thing that stood out to me was about the ‘cash only’ tip from a previous article.

This article recommends having something like a Square Up or PayPal card reader so you don’t miss out on sales because people don’t really CARRY cash anymore.

Another interesting tip she shared was about pricing EVERYTHING for $1.

The most successful sale I ever had was placing an ad for a $1 Sale, then selling everything for a dollar–even the old bicycles. Clothes were $1 a bag. I didn’t even have to price & tag anything. Someone said I was nuts, but I netted about $400!

If your mentality for YOUR garage sale is EVERYTHING must GO – then the whole everything for $1 is a smart way to accomplish that.

You make some extra money and….


You can read all her tips on

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Ready To Get Rid Of Your STUFF?

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