DIY Meal Planning Boards – Declutter and Organize What’s For Dinner

• 7 DIY Weekly Menu Boards Ideas To Make For Your Kitchen • When it’s time to declutter and organize in my kitchen I make a list of the things that cause me the most stress and feelings of overwhelm.

At the top of that list is always the “What’s for dinner?” question – crazy what an amazing amount of stress that “innocent” question can cause in my life.

DIY menu planning boards - weekly meal planners for wall

We were recently eating at our favorite local home-cooking restaurant and there was the solution right in front of me!

On the wall, clear as day, was a board divided out by each day of that week with… get this: the menu for each day that week.

If you go there and want to know “what’s for dinner?” – just look at the menu board!

Genius, I tell ya!

That led me to this quest to find some super cute DIY menu planning boards I can make and hang on the wall in my kitchen.

No more, “What’s for dinner?” asked of me… and if they DO ask, I can just point to the board!

DIY Meal Planning Board - Genius idea for planning meals for each day of the week!

I even got the family involved – everyone got to write down their favorite dinners and then everyone gets a chance to pick for their night.

Added benefits of a kitchen weekly menu board: everyone is getting what they want AND this makes grocery shopping SO much easier to plan (which is also SUPER helpful for our family budget).

Between my new family command center and my weekly menu board, I feel like I’ve got it goin’ ON – winner, winner (chicken dinner)!

The menu planning board is super easy to make, too.

How To Make a DIY Meal Planning Board

You only need a few basic things to make a meal planning board to hang on the wall in your kitchen – heck, you might even have these things already IN your house.

Just get a large picture frame that you like to put it in (this type of frame is perfect).

Then you’ll need:

Super easy (and the little pockets holding the spare pieces are just your heavy-duty paper folder and then hot-glued to the board).

Here’s the things used

Last updated on January 26, 2020 12:07 pm

Then just get to cutting and labeling and glueing all the items in the way YOU want it to look.

Yep, easy and FUN!

Want some more ideas of weekly menu boards for your kitchen?

More DIY ‘What’s For Dinner’ Meal Planning Board Ideas

DIY meal planning boards

DIY meal planning board ideas to copy

DIY weekly meal planner board ideas
How to make a weekly meal planner board for your kitchen wall
Weekly meal planning board DIY ideas - make a menu planner for your wall


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