Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule Checklists To Print

Cleaning Schedules!

The Best Free Printable House Cleaning Schedule Checklists, Charts and Templates You Can Print Or Copy To Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free –

These daily, weekly and monthly house cleaning schedules and checklists are sure to help you get your messy house under control – AND make your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning SO much easier.

If you need a cleaning schedule for home to help you keep your house clean, you’re gonna love these household cleaning chores checklists!

Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule, Checklist, PDF templates and house cleaning charts - free printables

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Cleaning Schedules

Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule - 27 house cleaning schedules, checklist & charts to print or use as an example to copy

Cleaning Schedule Printable Checklists, House Cleaning Charts and Cleaning Schedules. Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedules checklist pdf printable templates

Daily, weekly, monthly chores… oh my!

There has got to be a way to simplify mom life, right?

Good news – there is!

A simple cleaning schedule or checklist can really help make YOUR life easier and well… more simple.

Printable PDF

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THe BEST house cleaning checklists, cleaning schedules and housekeeping printables. This cleaning planner will help you keep your house clean WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

Cleaning Checklist Examples

If you really want to keep your house clean consistently, take a look at these super simple cleaning checklist template examples below.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule - Free Cleaning Schedule Checklists for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning your home

Below there are at least 27 realistic house cleaning schedules, checklists, charts and more. If you need a SIMPLE weekly cleaning schedule or daily cleaning chart, you’ll find some great examples below that you can copy and edit for your housekeeping chores or print to use as is.

There’s no doubt about it, “to-do” lists and checklists WORK when we use them consistently (1) – we find these household cleaning schedules below VERY helpful to keep us consistently on-track without feeling overwhelmed by chores piling up.

Here’s an example cleaning schedule of what to clean daily each week:

Cleaning Schedules, Charts and Checklists - Daily cleaning schedule for weekly housekeeping chores from Decluttering Your Life

note: before you can really CLEAN your house, you need to declutter first.

Need help with that?

Read: My House is SO Cluttered-I don’t Know Where To START!


Here’s how to make your own cleaning schedule template that you can edit and print – or just design it on paper if you prefer.

In the quick tutorial video below, she is making a weekly house cleaning template that she turns into a pdf and prints.

Daily Checklist

This daily house cleaning checklist below is a really great list of daily house cleaning chores to do to keep your house clean and clutter-free WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed!

Super helpful to have a daily housekeeping routine that works!

daily cleaning routine checklist -useful list of daily chores to keep your house clean and clutter-free WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed!


The free weekly cleaning schedule below is my favorite – it’s REALISTIC and NOT overwhelming yet helps me keep my house clean.

I needed a cleaning schedule checklist that detailed out what day to clean bathrooms, cleaning day for my kitchen and living room, bedrooms, etc as well as daily cleaning tasks I should do every day to keep my house clean without losing my mind – and this is it.

Weekly cleaning schedule and House Cleaning Charts - Weekly house cleaning schedule with daily cleaning checklist (printable)


This monthly cleaning schedule example is super helpful for a list of what to clean and declutter every month of the year.

I think it’s really helpful to remember which house cleaning chores to do monthly but I, personally, don’t think it’s a true DEEP cleaning checklist like this.

Cleaning Schedules - Monthly Deep Cleaning Checklist from Decluttering Your life

How Often To Clean Everything

Here’s a really useful home maintenance cleaning checklist that shows how often to clean everything in your home.

VERY detailed!

Home maintenance cleaning checklist chart - how often to clean things in your home.  Printable checklist and tips for when to clean everything in your house.  Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules too!

Is Your House ALWAYS Messy?

Read: Why YOU Are a Cluttered Mess


This is a really solid daily house cleaning schedule that will help you keep your house clean, clutter-free AND keep you from getting OVERWHELMED.

Daily house cleaning schedule - This daily cleaning checklist chart will help you stop feeling overwhelmed by clutter and your messy house and keep your house neat, clean and organized

What I really like about this daily cleaning checklist is that you’re only doing one load of laundry 4 days of the week (Monday – Thursday).

I can do ONE load of laundry 4 days of the week, can’t you?

Tip: Does Your Laundry Stink?

Maybe your washing machine stinks?

Try my laundry odor remedy

It works GREAT!

Plus, this weekly schedule is set so you are NOT cleaning on Sundays.

Naturally, you can change it up to fit YOUR schedule, but as is, it’s pretty good!

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What To Clean Daily

Here’s what to clean each day of the week:


Focus room: Bedrooms

__change sheets
__quick vacuum

Laundry load: sheets


Focus room: bathrooms

__clean bathrooms
__change towels

Laundry load: towels

Need To DEEP Clean Your Home?

Get our FREE Deep Cleaning Checklist Here

Deep cleaning schedule printable checklist - deep cleaning house checklist free printable - weekly, monthly and daily chores to keep house clean - daily cleaning routines for busy working moms


Focus room: kitchen

__clean out fridge
__clean off counters
__quick organize pantry
__quick sweep of floor

Laundry load: light colored clothes/whites


Focus room: Living room and dining room

__straighten & declutter

Laundry load: dark load


Focus room: All

__vacuum and/or mop all rooms
__clean mirrors, windows, ceiling fans

No Laundry

Cleaning for Company or Guests?

Get our cleaning checklist for company here

cleaning checklist for company - these speed cleaning tips are an easy checklist to clean for guests


Focus room: none

__Outdoor chores
__take out trash
__clean out your car
__sweep garage


Off day – no cleaning!

You can easily turn that daily cleaning schedule into a page in your Bullet Journal!


Below are more example house cleaning charts and daily routines to keep your house clean.

House Cleaning List By Room

LOVE this house cleaning task list to help with house cleaning by rooms in your home. If you need an everyday cleaning list, this cleaning checklist breaks down cleaning chores for each room in your house.

cleaning checklist by room - house cleaning schedules and charts

Annual Cleaning Schedule

If you love BuJo planners, you will LOVE all these bullet journal cleaning schedule layout ideas!

Here’s just one idea for your planner or household notebook for an annual house cleaning and maintenance schedule:

Cleaning schedule layout, checklists, planners, daily routines and more cleaning checklists and printables

See More Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Ideas Here

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

A monthly cleaning schedule at a glance to organize your housekeeping tasks. Every day of the week for 30 days is detailed out with what you need to clean each day.

SUPER organized way to clean your house!

Monthly cleaning schedule - 30 day house cleaning schedule

Working Mom Cleaning Schedule

Nightly cleaning schedule for working moms

This day to day cleaning schedule is perfect for working moms. The checklist details everything you need to clean each day and each night (and don’t forget to get the kids to help! The daily morning chores are PERFECT chores the kids can do while YOU are at work.)

Working mom cleaning routine and cleaning schedule for working moms or working parents - simple daily chores to do each day and each night to keep your house cleaning - easy cleaning schedules for busy moms - printable cleaning schedule, cleaning checklists and cleaning routines

Speed Cleaning Checklists

Want to SPEED clean your house?

Get the checklists

speed cleaning checklist

 Weekly Cleaning ChartsGet More Info Mom Life CalendarsGet More Info Cleaning Schedule KitsGet More Info


My House Was a MESS!
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Turns out, it was so much easier to do than I ever expected.

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