Money Challenge Ideas For ANY Budget

The Ultimate List Of Money Challenge Ideas •

A savings challenge (also called a Money Challenge) is a great way to save for a new house, save for Christmas, maternity leave, your wedding, a savings nest egg, or ANY reason you have to save money.

Below are our favorite easy Money Challenge Ideas for any budget or savings ability that will help you save up to $10,000 (or more!)

Our Finances Were a MESS!

We used to be so overwhelmed with how to actually stick to a budget - I thought we were doomed to be yet another family that barely scraped by paycheck-to-paycheck.

Instead of just accepting it, I got help - and it made ALL the difference in the world!

This workbook made it so easy.

We just filled it out in order and by the end we were finally in control of our money.

As of this week we are 100% credit card debt free!

This is the budget workbook we used

How To Do a Money Challenge

Each week of the year, you save that much in dollars!
Week ONE: You save $1
Week TWO: You save $2
Week THREE: You save $3

If you save on this money challenge plan, you will have $1,378 saved at the end of the 52-weeks.

52-Week Money Challenge Chart

Money Challenge - 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Chart - How much to save each week and how much you'll save at the end of this money challenge

Save $5,000+ in 52 Weeks

Here is money challenge chart that has you saving exactly $5,000 after 52 weeks.

Save $5000 with this Money Challenge Chart- Here's how much to save each week

Naturally, there are variations of this $5000 money challenge – it all depends on what you feel you can save each week.

This next Money Challenge option has you saving over $5500.

Save $5,512 Money Challenge

How It Works:

Each week of the year, that week number times $4.00
Week ONE: You save $4 (you have $4 saved)
Week TWO: You save $8 (you now have $12 saved)
Week THREE: You save $12 (you now have $24 saved)

You can see below on the $5000+ Money Challenge Chart just how quickly this adds up.

At the end of the 52 week money challenge, you should have $5,512.00!!

Money Challenge - Save $5512.00 with this weekly money saving challenge idea and chart

Save $6,890 Money Challenge

You can even get a bit more aggressive with your weekly savings and get your total money challenge savings over $6800!

Money Challenge Ideas - How to Save $6,890 in only 52 weeks - Money Savings Challenge Chart

Save $10,000 Money Challenge Chart

If you’re going BIG time this year with your money challenge savings, here’s a weekly plan that will have you saving $10,000.00:

Save Money Challenge Charts - 52 Week Money Challenge to Save $10,000

More Money Challenge Ideas & Options

There are MANY variations of money challenges out there.

Picking the right money challenge for you all depends on how much you feel comfortable saving each week (or bi-weekly, or daily) so that you will actually see it through and complete the savings challenge plan.

Here are some more options that you can try.

Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge

For many people, the later in the year it is, the less “free” money there is for savings.

If that applies to you and your household budget, why not try this Reverse 52-Week Money Challenge idea?

Money Challenges - 52 Week REVERSE Money Challenge Savings Chart

Monthly Money Savings Challenge Chart

Perhaps you’re only interested in contributing to your money challenge savings once a month – that works too!

Here’s a money challenge chart for monthly savings.

Monthly Money Challenge Savings Chart - save $1000+ with small monthly savings

30-Day Money Challenge Chart

If you need to save money quickly – perhaps for a trip or spending money… maybe even for Christmas money or a special occasion – this 30-day money challenge idea can help you do that quickly.

The chart below has you saving $465 in 30 days, but you easily modify the savings amount to fit your savings goal.

Money Challenges Ideas and money challenge savings charts

Money challenges are a great way to save money for any reason without feeling overwhelmed.

Best of all – they really work (IF you DO it).

Happy saving!

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