Laundry HACKS! How to get that SOUR SMELL out of Laundry. If you towels smell like midlew, clothes smell sour or you forgot wet clothes in the washing machine overnight, here's how to fix that smell

How To Get That Sour SMELL Out Of Laundry – the EASY Way (My Secret Sour Laundry Remedy)

Forgotten Sour, Stinky, Smelly Laundry Trick –
Aw, cr@p – you left those clothes in the washing machine too long again – and now your towels and clothes are stinky with that disgusting sour smell. Ready to know my trick to get rid of that sour smell in laundry and remove that sour, moldy mildew odor from your towels and clothes? It’s SO easy!

Does Your Clean Laundry Smell SOUR? Here's my sour laundry remedy. If your towels smell like mildew or you left wet clothes in the washer, here's the easy way to fix that SMELLY odor

Laundry Smells Bad After Washing?

If your laundry smells BAD after washing then you have sour-smelling laundry – and yes, it stinks!

That sour smell has been described as “mildewy” and “musty” – some have told me it smells like mold or like rotten eggs or…. ugh… like vomit (guh-ROSS!)

Below is how to get RID of that smell – it really works AND it’s easy-peasy =)

My Sour Laundry Remedy

I’d love to say I NEVER do this, but I forget about wet clothes in my washing machine a lot.

The day always starts with the best of intentions, but then, well – life happens.

I’ve often left clothes in the washer overnight (surely I’m not the only one who has ever left wet laundry in their washer overnight?)

And then, not only does my “clean” laundry STINK, but my washing machine stinks, too!

Thankfully, I have a super easy way to fix that =)

(note: I use one of these 3 washing machine cleaners – this Tide washing machine cleaner is my favorite – it makes the whole HOUSE smell GREAT!)

 Tide Washing Machine CleanerGet More Info Affresh Washer Machine CleanerGet More Info OxiClean Washing Machine CleanerGet More Info


Truth be told, I even forgotten about a load of wet clothes in my washing machine for a week – and YES, that laundry load STUNK really badly.

You know the smell I’m talking about – it’s a stinky, sour, mildew type of odor.

What causes sour smelling laundry and how to fix clothes coming out of washing machine SMELLY? Maybe your washing machine smells like rotten eggs? If so, you must try my secret stinky laundry remedy.

It’s such an easy DIY cleaning / laundry hack and works great every time!

Sour smelling towels and clothes are just gross, aren’t they? But the good news is: You CAN remove it with this simple little trick.

If you’re wondering WHY your “clean” laundry really stinks, here’s how to get rid of that moldy, musty, stinky, gross smell –

Best of all – it’s super easy to get rid of that smell with one common household ingredient.

The secret?


Yes, plain old white vinegar that you probably have in your kitchen pantry right now.

I buy a big ol’ container of it, like this:

The secret to get that sour smell out of laundry left in the washing machine

For a just a few bucks, you have the secret remedy to SO many laundry woes right in your hand – and YES, this what will take the mildew smell out of clothes!

So grab your vinegar, hold your nose, and open that washing machine up.

Now, add about 1/2 cup to a cup of that vinegar to your load.

I pour mine in the dispenser for fabric softener – that works for me.

Others say they just pour the vinegar around the tub right on the clothes and laundry – others put it in a Downy fabric softener ball.

HE Washing Machine Tips

I have a HE (High Efficiency) washing machine – meaning it uses less water than a normal washing machine, but in most cases, even when I add the vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser, I do NOT have to set the load for an extra rinse cycle.

I also DO add laundry detergent again.

NO, your clothes will NOT smell like vinegar when they’re finished with the wash cycle – they smell GREAT!

Vinegar acts like a “clarifying” shampoo does for your hair – it removes all the stuff, and smells, and build-up.

In fact, if your towels are starting to get that not-so-fresh mildew-like smell – skip the fabric softener next time you wash a load of towels and use vinegar instead.

Vinegar is THE secret to many smelly laundry issues….

Removing Smells From Your Laundry

This laundry smell removal hack not only works to get that sour smell out of clothes and laundry left in the washer too long, it also works for these other smelly laundry problems:

Towels smell like mildew or have that “damp” smell? Try it!

Potty training a toddler and have poo and pee undies to wash – TOTALLY do this!

Have a pet who insists on peeing on towels? This works for that too!

(yep, this laundry hack works GREAT to remove urine smells from laundry too!)

Cat Urine Smells Gotcha Down?

Someone sneak a wet towel into a pile of dry clothes – and EVERYTHING stinks and smells like mildew?

Yes, this will fix it!

(ohhh, this is a big ‘pet peeve’ of mine!

It never fails – we go to the pool, and some child-who-shall-not-be-named sticks a WET towel into a bag of other DRY towels and then the bag sits in the HOT trunk… everything smells like mildew – yuck!)

Does your laundry smell bad after drying? Start doing this and that smell will go away.

Have work clothes, kids sports clothes, workout clothes etc with strong odors? You guessed it – this works for that too.

If your clothes and towels and bed linens are just getting that musty smell – absolutely try this and those stinky smells will be gone.

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Also, if your towels are starting to feel stiff and not clean, and have that “smelly stink” when you put your face into them after your shower – your towels have build-up from ALL those loads when you used fabric softener on them – do this for those towels too.

We really shouldn’t use fabric softener on towels – it actually makes them stiff, less clean AND less absorbent (which leads to them getting even more LESS clean each time you wash them!). Use vinegar on your towels instead – your towels will be so soft, super absorbent again and will smell SO good.


If you also have a HE washing machine, like I do – keep this in mind.

High Efficiency washing machines use less water and smells can build up in the tub of your washer pretty quickly – and you might have a sour washing machine, too.

It will be extra challenging to get bad smells out of your clothes and laundry in it’s your washing machine that is the issue.

Sour Washing Machine Remedy

Here’s my smelly washing machine remedy that I use when my washing machine smells sour. Here’s how to remove that sour smell from your washing machine.

First, if you’ve never used vinegar in your laundry washing cycle, you might want to clean your washing machine tub first to be sure your washing machine isn’t the cause of your smelly laundry.

I use this HE washing machine tub cleaner – and it smells SO good!

The whole house smells amazing after I use it!

That, alone, will remove a ton (if not ALL) of the stink – but if it doesn’t, wash every load with vinegar and the odors will be gone.

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Laundry Smells Like MILDEW? How To Get Sour SMELL Out Of Clothese And Laundry Left In The Washing Machine - the EASY Way.  Here's how I remove that SMELL from clothes left in the washing machine and get rid of that sour, mildew, musty STINK!

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