113 Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Aren’t Junk/Clutter

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas – 113 Useful Stocking Stuffers That Aren’t Junk or Clutter with a FREE printable Stocking Stuffer Checklist and Gift Tracker

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Aren't Junk Or Clutter - Stocking Stuffers they WILL Appreciate

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Since our family has grown SO much, we’ve had to minimize things just a bit or else the cost of Christmas just gets ridiculous.

But stocking are NOT something that has been minimized or downsized – everyone LOVES their stocking each year!

So, as a general rule…

Each kid / family member etc can plan on getting:

  1. Something You Want
  2. Something You Need
  3. Something To Wear
  4. Something To Read, and…
  5. Their Stocking

Since I’ve been doing Christmas gifts this way for a few years now, the family is pretty much trained to tell me a few things they want, a few things they need, a few clothing ideas and a few books they’d like to read.

But when it comes to what to put in their stockings each Christmas, that is up to ME.

I got tired of just buying random stuff in order to fill their stockings so I started getting USEFUL stocking stuffers – and they LOVE it.

Especially the grown kids!

One year, I gave all the grown kids a big case of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc (think useful housewarming gifts and items they routinely need to buy)

To my complete surprise, they were SO stinkin’ happy!

I certainly thought those stocking stuffers would be appreciated, but I did NOT think they would be over-the-moon EXCITED to get them!

From there on out, I decided USEFUL stocking stuffers were it.

I wanted to put items in their stockings that they needed, they used… or things that will save them money.

Oddly, it takes a LOT of stress out of the “what do I put in their Christmas stockings this year???” situation I used to find myself in every, single Christmas.

Stocking Stuffer Checklist

First off, I have a free stocking stuffer checklist for you.

Stocking Stuffer Checklists and Useful stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas this year

You can print it out here.

Once you’ve printed it out (enough copies to have space for all the stockings you have to fill this Christmas), start scrolling though ALL the useful stocking stuffer ideas below that aren’t JUNK or clutter and jot down ideas that might work for your stocking stuffer plans this year.

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I wouldn’t really call these minimalist stocking stuff ideas, but these stocking stuffer ideas are definitely useful and WILL be appreciated.

Best of all, these stocking stuffers are NOT junk and NOT clutter!

  1. Phone Chargers
  2. Bath Bombs
  3. Pens/Pencils
  4. Post-It Notes
  5. Flavored Coffee
  6. Airline Approved Travel Bottles
  7. Bluetooth Speaker
  8. Gift Cards
  9. Toothbrush
  10. Rolled Up Pajamas
  11. Rolled Up Flannel Sleep Pants
  12. Socks
  13. Lotion
  14. Candy
  15. Pop Its
  16. Card Games Holiday Socks
  17. Hair Brush
  18. Sunglasses
  19. Hair Accessories
  20. Earrings
  21. Mini Lego Packs
  22. Nail Polish
  23. Underwear
  24. Funny Job T-Shirt (ie, for electrician)
  25. Car Air Fresheners
  26. Mini Travel Games
  27. Deodorant
  28. Makeup
  29. Flavored Lip Balms
  30. Fuzzy Socks
  31. Chips / Snacks
  32. Coffee K Cups
  33. Hand Sanitizer
  34. Travel Sized Kleenex
  35. Hot Cocoa
  36. Magnetic Notepads
  37. Earbuds
  38. Lottery Tickets / Scratch Offs
  39. Microwave Soups
  40. Fruit
  41. Airplane Sized Liquor Bottles
  42. Bathtub Toys
  43. Crayons
  44. Mini Coloring Books
  45. Flower / Vegetable Seeds
  46. Bubble Bath
  47. Kitchen Utensils
  48. BandAids
  49. Book Lamp
  50. Batteries
  51. Small Picture Frames
  52. Matchbox Cars
  53. Small Stuffed Animals
  54. Pokemon Cards
  55. Christmas Ornaments
  56. Poo-pourri
  57. Razors / Shaving Needs
  58. Beef Jerky
  59. Travel Sized Shampoo / Toiletries
  60. Chewing Gum
  61. Trail Mix
  62. Gloves
  63. Small Craft Kits
  64. Shower Poufs
  65. Keychain
  66. Magnets
  67. Nail Clippers
  68. Food Delivery Coupons
  69. Insulated Mugs / Cups
  70. Candles
  71. Baseball Cards
  72. Scissors
  73. Sewing Kit
  74. Gardening Gloves / Tools
  75. Command Hooks
  76. Oven Mitts
  77. Scotch Tape
  78. Nightlights
  79. Plug In Air Fresheners
  80. Golf Balls
  81. Golf Tees
  82. Essential Oils
  83. OTC Meds (Tylenol, etc)
  84. Candle Lighters
  85. Fitness Watch
  86. Apple Watch Bands
  87. Makeup Remover
  88. Thumb Drives
  89. Flashlight
  90. Wireless Mouse
  91. Reading Glasses
  92. Coozies
  93. Grooming Kits
  94. Cookie Cutters
  95. Coffee Filters
  96. Dish Scrubbers
  97. Hand Soap
  98. Dryer Sheets
  99. Washing Machine Cleaner
  100. Nail Files
  101. PlayDough
  102. Laptop Stickers
  103. Hand Warmers
  104. Dude Wipes
  105. Q-Tips
  106. Date Night Coupons
  107. Binder Clips
  108. Sharpies
  109. Storage Container Labels
  110. Keyboard Vacuum
  111. Puzzle Books
  112. Phone Case
  113. Ziploc Bags

Dollar Store Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget this year, here are some Dollar Store stocking stuffer ideas.

$1 stocking stuffers are the best!

Christmas Planner Printables

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