Declutter: 15 Kitchen Items To Throw Away Right Now

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Declutter Your Kitchen FAST By Purging These 15 Items

Declutter your kitchen - how to declutter your kitchen FAST with this simple one-day (or less) declutter method.When you’re serious about purging your house of clutter, you’ll realize that the first step you MUST take when you decide to declutter is to THROW STUFF AWAY.

There simply is no way around this.

Remember: clutter = crap you do NOT need, ok?

Many people, myself included, feel stressed and overwhelmed by clutter.

Clutter causes anxiety – it’s like a mile-long To-Do list that is always in your face, isn’t it?

If you need REAL help to finally conquer YOUR clutter…

Take a look here – it’s the BEST help I’ve found for clutter.

Otherwise, let’s get to decluttering your kitchen the FAST and Easy Way…

So go grab a trash bag and let me show you things to throw away RIGHT now so you can declutter your kitchen right NOW.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen FAST!

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Open your utensil drawer. Throw away any broken or unused utensils. Just go do it.

2. Open your pantry – throw away anything expired. (if your pantry is decluttered and organized like this, it will only take you a minute).

Declutter your kitchen with an on-the-door spice organization rack for your pantry

3. Go to your spice cabinet or spice rack and throw away any old/expired spices.

4. Open your Tupperware/storage container cabinet. Yep, it’s a mess, isn’t it? (we all have one of those cabinets). Now, this is NOT the time to spend hours sorting through all your containers, looking for lids, etc… What you want to do RIGHT NOW is throw away any broken containers, badly stained containers, etc. Pretty much toss any container you’d be embarrassed to take to a family dinner.

How to declutter and organize your Tupperware and plastic containers in your kitchen cabinet - Declutter your kitchen FAST with these tips.

5. Look at your refrigerator… See all those OLD notes, coupons, newspaper clippings, etc hanging ON your refrigerator? Throw that all away. If it’s sentimental, get a small box and put those things in the box for later.

If you absolutely MUST have pictures hanging on your refrigerator

(as I absolutely MUST do…lol!)

May I suggest one of these magnetic collage picture frames for your fridge?

Brilliant idea to help your kitchen look a lot neater when you're decluttering - a magnetic collage picture frame for your refrigerator
I found this magnetic collage frame here

Truly a genius idea for that one extra thing that makes your kitchen look a LOT less cluttered… and it’s really cool, too =)

I found the magnetic collage picture frame here.

6. Look at your kitchen sink – see all that STUFF sitting on the counter around it. Put it away or throw it away.

Just look how BEAUTIFUL a kitchen can look when all the CLUTTER is GONE!

Declutter your kitchen!  15 things to throw away RIGHT NOW to quickly tidy and declutter your kitchen

7. Open your medicine drawer or medicine cabinet. Throw away all empty boxes, expired meds, etc.

8. Go find where you keep your dish towels. Throw away all the embarrassing ones that you never use (when anyone is looking). If you MUST keep them, put them in your laundry room right now to save for cleaning rags.

9. Open your junk drawer (I know you have one – we all have one). Throw away all those OLD ketchup packs and condiments you’ve been saving for some reason over the years. Seriously, just trash them – they’re old and gross… and obviously you’re never going to use them. If you feel a strong NEED to keep them, read: Decluttering Tips for Pack Rats. While in your junk drawer, throw away anything that is obviously junk or never used. Don’t stress it, just do it.

10. Look on TOP of your refrigerator… yep, you’ve got stuff there, too, don’t you? Isn’t it amazing what accumulates up there and sure can clutter up your kitchen! THROW IT AWAY!

Ready to FINALLY declutter your home?
=> How To FINALLY Have a Clutter-Free Home You Can Be PROUD of

11. Open your mugs and drinking glasses cabinet – throw away all those old plastic cups you’ve collected over the years from various events and to-go orders. You don’t use them, you don’t need them, so toss em.

Also, look at your ceramic coffee mugs – throw away any that are chipped or broken.

12. Find where you keep your pot holders – toss any that look horrible. You know what I’m talking about – they’re stained beyond help, perhaps have burnt spots on them, etc. Throw them away. If you need NEW ones that are clean and presentable, start a list and add “new pot holders” (but only buy ONE set!)

One of the rules of decluttering is learning to live with LESS – trust me, you’ll be much happier with LESS STUFF.

13. Now, the part everyone seems to have the hardest time with – plastic grocery bags.

Listen to me: you do NOT need all those grocery bags. Even if there is a zombie apocalypse, those grocery bags are NOT going to help you! THROW THEM AWAY!

If you REALLY feel the need to keep your plastic grocery bags for future use, at least keep them together, neatly, and out of sight with one of these plastic bag holders that hangs inside your cabinet door.

Declutter your kitchen with a plastic bag storage holder.  Plastic grocery bag storage ideas.

If you feel really guilty about “wasting” them, use them as the bags you’re using to throw away all your kitchen clutter!

14. Take a good look at your kitchen counters – is there stuff all over them making it look cluttered and taking away your kitchen counter space? GET RID OF IT!

If you don’t use it at least once a week, put it away. If it’s broken or you never use it, throw it away.

15. Now, look at your kitchen table… you and I both know there is stuff ALL over it. Throw it away or PUT it away where it goes. Do it now… don’t dally over it, just do it.

I imagine between your kitchen counters and your kitchen table, you accumulated a lot of stuff that you DO need. Info about school, bills, important reminders, shopping lists, etc.

Now is a GREAT time to make your own family command center.

Take a look at these DIY command centers and make one.

It WILL keep you more organized AND keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Declutter your kitchen and KEEP it organized and clutter-free with a family command center on your kitchen wall.

I’m putting a version of a family command center in my new mudroom – it’s a great place to have one!

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Declutter your kitchen right NOW - 15 things to throw away in your kitchen RIGHT NOW to declutter and organize your kitchen super fast.