Pantry Alternatives-No Pantry Solutions for Small Kitchens

No Pantry Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens Without a Pantry.

No Pantry? No Problem! Here’s how to organize a small kitchen WITHOUT a pantry.

Let’s take a look at some simple and clever pantry alternative ideas for creating a pantry in a small kitchen or apartment kitchen with NO pantry storage.

These are GENIUS ideas for what to DO if your house doesn’t have a pantry.

No Pantry? How To Organize A Small Kitchen WITHOUT A Pantry

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Best Pantry Alternatives

If you are trying to figure what to do when you have NO PANTRY in your apartment kitchen or small kitchen – here’s what to do.

Use these creative pantry alternatives below to create a pantry storage space. Most of these solutions are simple DIY projects and inexpensive home organization ideas for your No Pantry situation.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen with No Pantry. Simple Pantry Alternatives and No Pantry Solutions
Organizing a small kitchen with NO pantry takes creativity – here are some DIY ideas to help…

If want to see a brilliant storage hack for a small kitchen without a pantry, you really should take a look at this slide out pantry:

No pantry solutions for small kitchen without a pantry.  Pantry alternatives for storing food without a pantry and getting more storage space in small spaces

What a great use of “dead space” next to your refrigerator!

I found that slide out pantry here.

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✅  No Pantry Solutions (pictures)

No Pantry Solutions - Pantry Alternative Ideas For Creating a Pantry in a Small Kitchen - No Pantry Storage Ideas To Organize a Kitchen Without a Pantry

Organizing kitchen cabinets WITHOUT a pantry to work with can be a BIG challenge – but it CAN be done!

You just have to make the most out of the limited storage space you DO have.

Insiders Tip:

These are my FAVORITE storage containers

They are airtight and they look GREAT sitting on my kitchen counters, in my cabinets and other storage spaces around my house!

I even use them for my desk and craft stuff - LOVE them!

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Below are many pictures of clever ideas that you can easily do in your kitchen – even ways for how to FAKE a pantry when there’s no pantry space in your kitchen.

Watch the slideshow of ideas below (and feel free to pin any ideas you like to Pinterest)

Organize Small Kitchen WITHOUT a Pantry

When you’re organizing a kitchen without a pantry, you sure have to get creative! Not every kitchen comes with a pantry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be efficiently organized.

There are quite a few effective solutions for any kitchen without a pantry. The secret is to get creative.

Chances are, even without a pantry, your kitchen has cabinets and drawers. That is a great place to start. There are plenty of accessories and organization hacks you can try to increase their storage efficiency.

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No Pantry Organization Tips

Kitchen pantry organization hacks for when you do NOT have a kitchen pantry area. Wish you had at least a small kitchen pantry, but you don’t have ANY pantry space – meaning: you need pantry alternatives.

Here’s Help!

Below are some more brilliant and clever DIY “No Pantry” ideas for small kitchens, apartment kitchens and other tiny kitchens that need some serious help and no pantry solutions.

If you need pantry ideas for small spaces BUT you do NOT have a pantry in your kitchen, these are the kitchen storage and organization ideas for you!

Small kitchen solutions for the win!

Let’s take a look at some ideas for organizing your tiny kitchen that doesn’t have a pantry closet…

Kitchen pantry organization hacks for when you do NOT have a kitchen pantry area. Wish you had a small kitchen pantry, but you need pantry alternatives?  Here's Help! No pantry ideas for small kitchens, apartment kitchen and other tiny kitchens that need no pantry solutions.  If you need pantry ideas for small spaces BUT you do NOT have a pantry in your kitchen, these are the kitchen storage and organization ideas for you!  Small kitchen solutions for the win!

If you’re wondering how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry, the key is to take advantage of existing storage space.

The last thing you want to do is clutter a small kitchen with MORE stuff.

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all your kitchen clutter?

There are a handful of free-standing storage compartments that might benefit your cause – I’ll talk about those options in a moment.

For now, let’s focus on utilizing all of the space that you already have available for storage.

Small Kitchen Cabinet Organization

If you’re wondering HOW to organize a small kitchen WITHOUT a pantry, consider trying one of these easy ideas to get more space AND still be organized.

When considering existing storage space in the kitchen your cabinets are probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Organizing kitchen cabinets without a pantry can be difficult, but with a bit of work, they can store food, glasses, plates, bowls, pans, and everything else you might need in the kitchen.

Consider yourself extra lucky if you have sufficient space above your cabinets – That’s a great place to store pots, pans, and accessories that aren’t used as frequently as others.

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You can shop online or at your local home goods store to find a variety of inserts meant to maximize storage efficiency.

For example, you can get tiered organizers for inside cabinets (see below) to make it easier to organize a small kitchen without a pantry – a perfect no pantry solution!

Each level on the organizer can hold cans or other food items while maximizing storage space AND making items easy to find.

 Food Storage Organizer ShelvesSee This Kitchen Cabinet Sotrage ExpandersSee This


And since they are stacked on top of one another it’s more efficient than storing food in the cabinet on a single level.

No Pantry? How To Store Food

But what if you’re wondering how to store food when you don’t have a pantry and also don’t want to buy additional items? If that’s the case, it usually boils down to efficient organization.

There are some food items that can naturally be stacked on top of one another, thus taking advantage of otherwise empty cabinet space.

For example, you can stack two or three canned items in a cabinet whereas you would only be able to put one drinking glass in the same area.

 Stackable Can Rack OrganizersGet More Info Stackable Storage Bins for FoodGet More Info Fridge Bins and Freezer OrganizersGet More Info


Apartment Kitchen Solutions

Apartment pantry solutions can be a bit more difficult because apartments tend to have even less cabinet space.

In those situations, you may want to purchase a free-standing cabinet or wardrobe to function as a pantry.

You can even set it in a room other than the kitchen if there is limited space.

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See More Apartment Kitchen Organization Hacks

No Pantry Storage Ideas

From creating a pantry space in your kitchen corner to getting creative with basket organizers in your cabinets, there are many no pantry storage ideas you can try (as you’ve seen in the pictures and DIY ideas above).

Feel free to share what YOUR creative solution was for your No Pantry Kitchen.

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No Pantry solutions and small kitchen organization ideas and hacks for kitchens without a pantry

No Pantry SOLUTIONS - How to organize a small kitchen WITHOUT a pantry.Pantry Alternatives for small kitchens and apartment kitchens with NO pantry - simple DIY solutions for creating a pantry and organizing your kitchen with no pantry storage space with a pantry substitute

Pantry Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens without a Pantry - Pantry Alternatives and No Pantry Organization Ideas  - Pantry cabinets and cupboards and other awesome  pantry storage solutions
Pantry alternatives and no pantry storage ideas - no pantry in kitchen SOLUTIONS when there's no pantry space in kitchen. Creating a pantry in a small kitchen and how to FAKE a pantry.  Organizing kitchen cabinets without a pantry on a budget and apartment pantry solutions (cheap apartment kitchen ideas for renters).  How to add a pantry to a small kitchen, where to store food when no pantry in my house.
No pantry ideas and storage solutions for kitchens without a pantry