Small Entryways – 19+ Small Foyer Decor Ideas For Tiny Foyers

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Small Foyer Decorating Ideas •

Have a very small foyer or tiny apartment entryway you want to decorate? We found some gorgeous DIY small foyer decorating ideas you’re gonna love. It can be challenging to decorate a really small foyer or entrance hall, but with some creativity and some of these ideas below for inspiration, you are sure to find the perfect decor idea for YOUR small entryway.

Small foyers and very small apartment entryway decorating ideas - clever creative and beautiful small foyer DIY decorating ideas
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - How to decorate a small foyer or apartment entryway
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - Creative DIY ideas for small foyers and small entryways
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - DIY small front entryway ideas
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - Small apartment entryway ideas - how to decorate a very small entrance hall
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - Small Entryway decor and small foyer decorating ideas
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - small entryway organization and DIY decor ideas
Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - DIY ideas for small foyers

When guests come over to your home, their first impression of your décor begins in the entryway. Many people invest a lot of time and money into decorating their homes, but they forget to add some personal touches to the foyer. Decorate your entryway to make your home feel warm and inviting to guests from the minute they walk through the door.

Small Entryway Decor Tips

The most important element of decorating a small entryway is lighting. The right lighting can make a small area feel bigger and brighter. Entryway lights shouldn’t be too bright or overwhelming, so choose something subtle such as a flush-mount fixture or sconces. You can find these light fixtures in beautiful designs to match any home’s décor.

You should also have a small table in your entryway. The table should be small and fit snugly against the wall so guests won’t trip. Place a beautiful flower arrangement on the table to welcome your guests and keep a small decorative bowl on the table to hold keys, cell phones, or other belongings.

Make sure the walls of your small foyer are painted in a fresh, inviting color that compliments the rest of your home. Many home owners overlook the entryway when they begin painting projects, but this is a mistake! You don’t want to welcome a guest inside to see sterile white walls. Make your entryway warm and inviting with a fresh coat of color.

Mirrors are another great decor accessory for entryways. Hang a mirror on the wall above the small table, so guests can quickly check their appearance before coming inside. Look for a mirror in a beautiful, ornate frame to add a touch of class and elegance to your home from the moment guests arrive.

ideas for decorating a small entryway or very small apartment foyer
small foyers / small entryways - DIY decorating ideas for small foyers and tiny entryways and entrance halls

If you don’t like the idea of hanging a mirror in your foyer, consider creating a gallery of family photos. You can create your own personal “Hall of Fame” in the entryway by displaying framed photos all over the walls. If you have an artistic touch, hang the frames in an unexpected pattern to add visual interest to the walls and draw attention to your photos.

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No entryway would be complete without a place to hang coats. Whether you attach small hooks to the wall or bring in a free coat tree, make sure your guests have a convenient place to store their coats. You might also consider placing a beautiful bench in the entryway, where guests can sit down and remove their shoes when they come in from the snow or rain.

Of course, no guest should have to take off their shoes and then walk across a cold floor. Make sure your entryway is outfitted with a soft, comfortable area rug. Not only will the rug be cozy for everyone’s feet, but it also adds another element of design into the space. Choose a beautiful area rug that coordinates with your paint color and wall hangings. An area rug will give your entryway the finishing touch to become a warm, welcoming place for guests to enter your home.

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