How To Clean Black Glass Stove Top the EASY way
- does your stove have a black glass top? Cleaning it USED to be a problem UNTIL I figured out this simple cleaning hack using items I already had in my house...

How To Clean The Glass Top On Your Stove With 3 Common Household Items –

While I LOVE my black glass top stove, it can be a real pain getting the burn stains, grease and discoloration off so it’s clean, SHINY and streak free.

I tried cleaning my glass cook top with vinegar and I’ve tried the commercial “made for glass cooktop” cleaners, but those things never really worked well for me.

What DOES work to easily (and cheaply) clean my glass stove top is a combination of 3 common household items – even burnt on messes come right off when you clean your glass cooktop with this!

Clean Glasstop Stove the EASY Way - How to clean glass cooktop, black glass stove top tips and tricks (removes burnt on messes too!)

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How To Clean Black Glasstop On Your Stove With 3 Common Household Items

I adore my black glass cooktop on my stove, but I do NOT adore keeping it clean!

Things get burnt on the glass and it feels impossible to get off with any random grocery store cleaner OR expensive cleaner.

For light, quick clean ups, I really LOVE this little glass cooktop cleaner wand:

Clean glass cooktop the EASY way - this glass stove top cleaner is cheap and easy to use - and it works!

The chemical-free cleaning solution is already in the non-scratch scrubber pad – you just sprinkle some water on your stove top and clean.

When you’re done, rinse off the scrubber tool and use it again later.

So easy!

I found my glass stovetop scrubber here

Now, that scrubber is great for light jobs.

If your glass stove top is REALLY bad (like MINE was), you can add in this glass cooktop cleaning solution – it really works well and comes with a scraper tool and cloth to help you really get those burnt messes off your glass cook top and makes it shine!

If you’d rather go the DIY homemade route, here’s how to make a really effective cleaning solution for the glass top on your stove with things you already have around the house…

Keep reading and I’ll show you the cheap and EASY way to get it clean!

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How To Clean Glass Stove Top

This is my secret cleaning hack to get your glasstop on your stove super clean and shiny…

To clean your glass stove top you will need:

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Dawn Dish Soap

Yep, those three items used together create a magical and powerful cleaning solution!

Step By Step Directions:

Here’s how to clean your glass cooktop on your stove the easy way:

  1. Take your Dawn dish soap and squirt some around on your cooktop
  2. Take your baking powder and sprinkle it generously over the surface of your glass stove top
  3. With your Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle, spray all over the other 2 ingredients
  4. Mix it all together to form a “pasty” solution (I use my hands)
  5. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes
  6. Now, take a gentle scrubber or hot dishcloth and scrub away
  7. Rinse and clean off cleaning solution
  8. Dry with paper towels
  9. Go over with a clean micro-fiber cloth

You’re done!

And your glass stove top looks AMAZING!

Extra Tip:

Common household hydrogen peroxide works great, but now I use this hydrogen peroxide spray cleaner… and it makes this whole cleaning hack SO much easier.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a MAGICAL cleaning solution!

I’ve talked about ALL the things you can clean with hydrogen peroxide here.

Hope that helps!

Daily Upkeep Cleaning

If you want to KEEP your glass (or ceramic) stove top clean and free from burnt on stains, try this 1-minute cleaning tip:

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Clean Glasstop Stove the EASY Way - How to clean glass cooktop, black glass stove top tips and tricks - removes burnt on messes too!
Clean Glasstop Stove the EASY Way - How to clean glass cooktop, black glass stove top tips and tricks - removes burnt on messes too

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