Chore Chart Ideas – DIY Chore Boards & Reward Charts for Kids

59 Of The Best Homemade Chore Chart Ideas For Kids of ALL Ages –

Take a look at these super simple “do it yourself” homemade chore chart ideas and chore board reward system ideas for kids AND for multiple kids.

These job chart ideas really help to get your kids to do their daily chores and responsibilities WITHOUT nagging!

There are tons of chore chart ideas to make for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and grade school ages, middle schoolers, tweens and teens down below too!

Chore Chart Ideas - DIY Chore Boards & Reward Charts for Kids

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Chore Chart Ideas

Ready to whip your cleaning schedule into shape with HELP from your entire family? Perhaps all you REALLY want is a less stressful Mom Life that does NOT include nagging all day long to get your kids to do what they’re supposed to do every day?

Why not make a chore chart like one of the awesome ideas below!

chores and rewards charts for kids

Research from Child Psychiatrists (1) suggests there are benefits to including chores in a child’s routine as early as age 3. Children who do chores may exhibit higher self-esteem, be more responsible, and be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification. These skills can lead to greater success in school, work, and relationships.

Those are some strong reasons to have your kids do chores, right?

Homemade chore chart ideas for kids - Chore list for money - kids allowance chore board and responsibility chart ideas

Chores For Kids By Age

Before we jump in to the pictures of chore chart ideas you can make, lets talk about age appropriate chores for children.

This chore list for kids by age (2) you see below can help you make an age appropriate chore chart for YOUR child.

Chores for kids by age - chores for kids for homemade chore chart ideas - age appropriate chores for kids - house chores, daily chores and household chores for kids of all ages - teens, 4, 5 6, 7, 8 years old - 10,100,12 year old tweens, perschool and toddlers chore lists too

It’s very important that the chore chart you make has age appropriate chores – you want to set your child up for SUCCESS and not overwhelm them with jobs to do that are not suitable for their age and development level.

The daily chores teens can do is VASTLY different from the chores 4 or 5 year olds can do so be extra sure their unique responsibilities and household chores list is suitable that each unique child.

Chore Charts for Multiple Kids (with allowance too).  One of my favorite parenting hacks is an allowance system for kids that pays for chores for kids by age (from toddler to 11 year old).  These family chore charts, chore list ideas, free printable chore charts, morning checklist for kids ideas and chore board ideas are all easy chore charts for multiple kids-DIY chore charts - they're like a kids command center to do their chores around the house with money involved as a positive reward system.
Family Chore Chart Ideas - Mom goals - get
organized with these easy diy chore charts and cleaning schedules - super smart organization ideas for the home - this family is getting organized
When it comes to decluttering your life, we mom’s KNOW that we have to get the kids organized, too.

In our family, EVERYONE pitches in and helps with the household chores.

The hard part is not getting the kids to DO their chores, it is that feeling of constant nagging to remind them to do their chores.

I’ve found that using a simple DIY chore chart really helps the kids stay on task and get their chores done – and can actually makes chores fun.

In fact, the entire family is now SO much more organized since I started using chore charts and our family command center – it sure has made MY life easier!

chores for kids by age - printable allowance chore chart ideas - rewards for doing chores around the house ( organized mom hack!)

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Learning responsibility is really important for kids, we all know that. We also know that having kids pitch in with the day-to-day chores around the house helps EVERYONE in the family (mainly – MOM!)

This mom found out some amazing things after having her kids do chores for 12 months…

Chores for kids - how to get kids to do chores and help clean

Read what happened here.

Whether you just want some help around the house, want your kids to be more responsible – or, your kids want to earn some extra cash for helping out – you can make an easy “chore chart” or responsibility board system to keep track.

Chore Charts For Kids

Below are the best homemade chore chart ideas for kids including chore checklists poster boards and DIY chore charts with and without an allowance system.

You can easily customize each idea and fill in the blanks with the chores YOUR child needs to do – or just use the ideas ‘as is’.

You can include with an allowance system with your chore chart to really motivate your kids to help and do their chores (chore boards with MONEY are great motivators!) – or you can make a chore chart with any type of reward system that works for your family.

DIY Chore Chart Ideas PICTURES

As you can see in the Chore Chart ideas and pictures above, chore charts are a great visual reminder for your child to know that it’s chore time!

This helps your kids get in a routine whether it’s during the school year or summer – and we all know how important ROUTINE is for kids.

Chore Charts also make the process of keeping YOUR house clean so much easier for YOU (with less nagging!). You can also customize your chore charts and let your kids choose their favorite chores, or to offer money as a reward for doing ‘extra’ chores – or your chore chart can simply be their MUST DO chores and responsibilities.

Let’s look at some more chore chart ideas for your kids

 Daily Chore Checklist For KidsGet More Info Chore Chart for Multiple KidsGet More Info Magnetic Weekly Chore ChartGet More Info


There are so many clever and creative ideas for chore charts – both homemade ideas and cheap ones you can buy if you’re not really the DIY type.

DIY Chore Chart ideas for the kids - Family Chore Chart Ideas and Cleaning Schedules

Chore Charts for Multiple Kids

This is a very simple and easy DIY chore chart idea for the kids – especially if you have multiple kids.

Simply move the clothespin from “To Do” to “Done” when their chores are done.

DIY Chore Chart ideas for the kids - Family Chore Chart Ideas and Cleaning Schedules

See what *I* would use to make it

DIY Family Chore Lists

This DIY chore chart ideas is a clever use of paint samples to make a chore chart or chore ladder list for kids.

DIY Chore Chart ideas for the kids - Family Chore Chart Ideas and Cleaning Schedules

Chore Board Ideas with Money

I love these “work for hire” chore boards and responsibility charts.

If you’re looking for easy chore board ideas with money as the incentive for kids to do their chores, there are many great ideas on this page

Here’s an easy DIY chore chart idea – use an old baking sheet, paint it, put some sticky command hooks on it, and give the kids some incentive money to do their chores.

DIY Chore Chart ideas for the kids - Family Chore Chart Ideas and Cleaning Schedules

I’d get a bit more creative with it, though – I’d use these things to make it

Easy Clipboard Chore Chart

If you want to make your own chore chart the EASY way and still have it be effective for getting kids of all ages to DO their chores and responsibilities, this DIY chore chart below is a GREAT idea!

Simply hang it on the wall with a command hook and it’s right there to keep everyone on track.

Family Chore Chart Ideas - Daily responsibility charts to make for your kids to do chores and help around the house

see what you need to make this

My friend made her own chore chart for her kids based on the idea above – here’s how hers turned out:

DIY Chore Chart ideas for the kids - Family Chore Chart Ideas and Cleaning Schedules

After School Routine Checklist

I love this simple after school checklist for kids from – simple yet it makes it clear what your kids need to do AFTER they walk in the house after their school day. I don’t know about YOUR house, but over here, that hour or two after school is what I call the “witching hour” – everything is chaos and “Mom! Mom! Mom!” hahaha!

Summer Electronic Checklist

How about a SUMMER chore chart? Now this next idea isn’t really a true “chore chart”, it’s more of a responsibility checklist that I think ALL parents should use (or at least apply the concept of).

I think it is such a cute and SMART ideas for kids during their summer break from school to be sure they do the necessary stuff BEFORE getting on their phones and tablets and gaming consoles and other electronics..

This is such a cute and SMART ideas for kids during the summer to be sure they do the necessary stuff BEFORE getting on their phones and tablets.

Chores For Screen Time

In many houses, the best reward for kids doing chores is screen time on their tablet or other electronic device (or gaming system).

I think this is a genius idea to get kids to do chores WITHOUT money AND limiting time spent playing on their phones.

GENIUS Chore Chart Idea for Kids! Pay kids for doing chores with screen time.  Many parents have electronics use rules in their house, so why not get your kids to help around the house, do chores and/or clean in exchange for that time on their tablet, phone, or gaming system?  Brilliant!

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