DIY Home Hacks – 9 Useful and GENIUS Home Hacks That WILL Improve Your Life

Below are such smart and useful hacks for your home – especially if you do a lot of DIY home decor / organizing projects – and try to stick to a budget. In fact, I think they’re GENIUS home hacks that no one thought of until now (or at least I never knew of these DIY life hacks for home stuff).

Home Hacks - Best DIY Life Hacks For Home

9 Genius Home Hacks

In the video below you will learn 9 useful and GENIUS home hacks that WILL improve your life.

(yes, I know the video says 10 home hacks, but I only counted 9)

  1. Genius hack for making Dollar Store home decor projects (not sure why I never thought of this before!)
  2. Borderline genius solution for spray painting WITHOUT making a mess
  3. A really clever way to use painters tape
  4. Really smart way to store trashbags
  5. Creative way to use cheap Dollar Store paint (but the result LOOKS expensive)
  6. Super simple outdoor centerpiece idea
  7. Simple trick to always hang things on the wall EVENLY (also a nifty yarn storage idea!)
  8. How to use a common item in your kitchen to hang big pictures PERFECTLY (why hasn’t anyone told me this hack before?)
  9. How to make homemade Febreeze (yep, we can stop buying that now ha!)
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