13 Simple House Cleaning Hacks EVERY Exhausted Mom Should Know

House Cleaning Tips, Hacks and Routines Every Tired, Overwhelmed EXHAUSTED Fulltime Working Mom Should Know. Trying to keep a clean house but too TIRED to clean? These cleaning hacks can help – they’re also perfect for self-proclaimed Lazy People (like me!) –

File these cleaning tips under “cleaning hacks EVERYONE should know”. If cleaning house was faster and easier, I just might do it more often – how about YOU? Sure, I know you want to clean your house in 20 minutes a day MAX, but many readers ask me, “…How to STOP being lazy and clean my house when I am EXHAUSTED?” because they KNOW all the benefits of a clean house.

If how to STOP being messy and lazy is not at the top of your cleaning checklist right now, try these ultimate cleaning hacks with a simple daily routine to get your house lazy clean the fun and easy way – and KEEP it that way… even when you have ZERO energy to clean.

simple cleaning hacks for moms

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Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks - Lazy Cleaning Tips and Tricks - File these cleaning tips under “cleaning hacks EVERYONE should know”. Sure, I know you want to clean your house in 20 minutes a day, but many readers ask me, “How to STOP being lazy and clean my house?” because they KNOW all the benefits of a clean house.

I know we all just LOVE cheap Dollar Tree DIY ideas and inexpensive home organization ideas, but what’s the point of those if you’re not going to USE those ideas to clean up your messy house and GET organized?

Let’s be real here… if we’re not motivated to do anything, what in the world would motivate us to CLEAN? #amiright

13 Lazy House Cleaning Hacks

Lazy Cleaning Hacks EVERYONE Should Know

Guess what? You can STILL be ‘lazy’ AND have a clean house – and you don’t need to spend any money to do it (so you can throw that “I can’t afford it!” excuse right out the window!)

All you need are some clever cleaning hacks for lazy girls that WILL help you keep your house clean so you STOP living in a cluttered mess.

Bonus – these cleaning hacks also help you GET motivated to clean MORE of your house.

1. Clean Where You Are

I know this sounds silly, but this cleaning hack actually works wonders for me.

For example, I’m waiting for my coffee to finish making a fresh post. Instead of just standing there, I declutter the counter top or empty the dishwasher or take out the trash.

This one is my favorite “clean where you are” hack – clean the shower when you’re IN the shower.

You have to let your hair conditioner sit a minute or 2, right? So why not do a quick clean in your shower while you’re already in there?

I keep a scrub brush and bottle of cleaner IN my shower at all times. By doing this quick lazy girl shower cleaning hack, my shower never becomes an overwhelming “gotta do” cleaning job.

I’ve also heard that spraying lemon furniture polish on your glass shower doors help stop soap scum and stuff from building up. I’ve gotta try that!

Bonus Tip: Get a Magic Eraser – they are a MUST for yucky shower stuff!

2. Make Baskets Your BFF

I so love me some cute baskets! They come in so handy for a quick Lazy Girl Clean Up.

For example, I can take a run through the living room and toss all the STUFF in the pretty living room basket.

Then, I’ll be honest, I fold a pretty throw blanket and put over the top (so you can’t SEE all the stuff in it lol!)

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Guess What?

I also have a really pretty wicker basket in my foyer.

You know what goes in there?

All. The. SHOES.

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Everyone kicks off their shoes in the foyer (and I am the worst offender).

Now we all kick our shoes off INTO the basket and the foyer doesn’t look like a cluttered mess all the time.

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3. Dishwasher LOVE

I love my dishwasher! Not only because it cleans dishes, but it also helps me easily clean other things – like my kitchen sponges and the little drain strainer thing in my sink (that gets SO gross).

I also wash kids toys in the dishwasher – ball caps, hair free brushes and combs, all parts of my coffee pot, etc – heck, I’ve even thrown flip-flops in the top rack of my dishwasher!

Hey, the dishwasher is going to be washing stuff anyway, right? Might as well get the most out of it.


I love ALL the Swiffer products – they are the easiest way to dust (or at least MY version of ‘dusting’) and to clean any type of hard floor.

My favorite is this Swiffer Vacuum – it’s does TWO jobs at once!

It’s the ULTIMATE Lazy Girl cleaning tool!

I keep a box of Swiffer refills handy at all times. One of those little clothes and I can dance way around and quickly wipe all my surfaces down, dust off the stuff, wipe over my mini-blinds, etc etc.

Get a little Swiffer handle and make cleaning your baseboards a breeze.

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5. Easy Mopping Hack

I know, we all HATE to mop. Not only is it a cruddy housekeeping chore, but you have to do so much to DO it.

So, after I do a quick “Swiffer” on my floors, I seize the moment and then quickly use this handy-dandy mop and bucket.

Seriously, this mop here is the BEST INVENTION EVER.

And it kinda makes mopping fun!

Tiny bit of water, pop that mop in there, spin it ready and GO.


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6. Decluttering Clothes Hack

Now, this cleaning hack is NOT for the faint of heart – it feels like ANTI-cleaning.

But this works so well for me.

Over the course of a week or two of doing my laundry, I do NOT put away the clothes I’ve washed.


Because those are the clothes I consistently WEAR.

Know what’s left in my closet and drawers?

The clothes I do NOT wear.

We all do it – we open a drawer to grab a shirt and we see ourselves passing over shirts we never choose – but we don’t DO anything with those shirts.

This is how I MAKE myself get rid of the clothes I don’t wear (and yep, make room for new stuff, ha!)

After the week or 2 is up, I take a quick run through my closet and purge the stuff I obviously never choose to wear.

Naturally, this excludes seasonal stuff, fancy wear, etc that I would only wear for certain seasons or events.

Then, after I quickly purge some clothes I know I don’t (and WON’T) ever choose to wear, I then put away the stuff I DO wear.

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If you suffer from “too much STUFF in your closet, it will definitely help!

7. Vacuuming Hack

Hate to vacuum? Well, then DON’T DO IT!

True “Lazy Girls” get a vacuum robot who vacuums FOR them.

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8. Become the Queen of Emergency Clean

You know how motivated you are to clean when you know people are coming to your house soon?

You can apply that same Emergency Clean Strategy to your lazy girl quick clean too!

It’s FAST and super effective for getting your house tidy in a flash.

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9. Wipes, Wipes, Baby!

In my bathroom and in my kitchen, I have a container of disinfectant cleaning wipes.


During Flu Season I use these specific cleaning wipes.

They kill ALL the germs!

It takes 5 seconds to pull a wipe and then wipe down the bathroom counter and sink.

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If your kids bring every, single bug and germ home to YOU, read it!

10. Lazy Girl Laundry Fix

This is another thing I bet we ALL do.

Left your clothes in the dryer and now they’re a wrinkled mess?

Dampen a dish towel or 2 and throw it in the dryer with that load of dry clothes and turn the dryer back on.

The steam from the damp towels will release the wrinkles.

I also throw a fresh dryer sheet in too.

Forgot about clothes in the washer?

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It’s such a simple and cheap little laundry hack that I use ALL the time!

11. Litter Box YAY!

If you have a cat (or multiple cats) and, like me, you detest cleaning the litter box…

I strongly recommend one of these self-cleaning litter boxes.

Oh my goodness, they are the best thing since sliced bread!

I would go as far as calling it: LIFE-CHANGING!

Just imagine not having to clean the litter box for a MONTH!!

And… your house never stinks.

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Now, if you insist on scooping that litter box, at least get one of these Litter Genies – it’s the ultimate for Lazy Girl cat moms.

12. Beat The Timer

This is one of my favorite speed cleaning tips of all.

Whenever you put something in the microwave to cook, CLEAN something and try and beat the microwave timer.

The main thing I do when I’m microwaving something is to either empty or load my dishwasher.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in 2 or 3 minutes!

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13. Schedule It!

I know, us lazy girls don’t LIKE to clean, but one way to make the house cleaning process easier is to schedule it all out.

This breaks down the BIG tasks into easy day-to-day cleaning chores so you do NOT get overwhelmed with clutter and MESS.

Now, is the thought of “scheduling” your cleaning makes you VERY overwhelmed (as it does MOST people)…

Why not create a VERY simple and QUICK cleaning routine for yourself.

This house cleaning routine example in the picture below is MINE.

It works for me AND it’s painless (which makes my lazy heart happy haha!)

Daily Cleaning Routine Checklist To Keep a Clean House

That little cleaning routine takes NO time at all – it’s just a matter of DOING IT.

And when I DO keep that routine up and stick with it for multiple days….

My House Looks GREAT.

And I’m a MUCH happier momma =)

Give it a try!

Don’t know HOW to make a cleaning schedule for your house?

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Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks - Lazy Cleaning Tips and Tricks - File these cleaning tips under “cleaning hacks EVERYONE should know”. Sure, I know you want to clean your house in 20 minutes a day, but many readers ask me, “…How to STOP being lazy and clean my house?” because they KNOW all the benefits of a clean house.
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Cleaning Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!  These cleaning tips, tricks, and home organization HACKS are perfect for lazy girls who can't get motivated to clean.  Overwhelmed by clutter?  Your house is a DISASTER?  Try these cleaning checklists, and cleaning hacks today!