How To Declutter ANY Room in 15 Minutes Flat

How to declutter ANY room in your home FAST.  Simple 3 step system to declutter and organize your home quickly and stress-free.Ready how to learn how to declutter ANY room in your house in 15 minutes flat? This quick 3-step strategy has helped me declutter a room super fast when I simply have to do it quickly.

For example…

You know those times when you find out you’re about to have unexpected company? Talk about STRESS and feeling overwhelmed, right?

Or… even worse

Your visitors are already ringing at your doorbell, and you find yourself in a bit of a panic.

If you are in a rush to organize and declutter any room quickly, here’s how I do it.

How to declutter your room in 15 minutes flat

1: Trash It

People trip over stuff lying around on the floor. It may be items of clutter, it may be magazines, old newspapers, the children’s toys or play things.

Whatever the item is in question, you’ll need to remove the culprit off the floor.

Scan the floor of your room and take 5 minutes to remove any clutter off the floor. If its rubbish or junk, then place these items straight in the trash for disposal.

2: Vacuum It

The next thing you’ll need to do is to give the floor a quick vacuum.

Spend another 5 minutes to remove any dust and dirt off the floor by giving it a thorough vacuum.

Vacuum the edges of the room as well to remove dust caught in any crevices.

Freshly vacuumed carpet sure makes ANY room look so much better, doesn’t it?

If you have hardwood floors, give your floors a quick sweep using a brush and pan, or use a good micro fiber mop which is effective for picking up dust and dirt.

3: Remove It

these baskets are PERFECT for keeping clutter out of sight.With 5 minutes left to go, you’ll want to remove any clutter off any other surfaces.

You don’t want to organize your clutter – you want to get RID of it, right?

But there are moments when you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to properly sort the clutter – you just need it out of sight!

If you are in the living room, then remove any clutter off your coffee table.

I love these baskets shown in the picture – they are super pretty (a nice rustic/farmhouse look to them) and I can quickly toss stuff in them and instantly make any room look more organized and clutter-free.

I found those baskets here.

If you are in your home office, reduce any clutter by removing loose papers from your office desk.

If you are decluttering your kitchen, reduce any clutter by removing large items such as kitchen appliances off your countertops.

That’s it – you’ve just made your room clutter-free FAST.

Spend 15 minutes to declutter any room in your home – spend 5 minutes to trash it, 5 minutes to vacuum it, and 5 minutes to remove it.

Once your 15 minute are up, you’ll be able to greet your visitors at the doorbell knowing that your house is no longer a disaster zone!

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How to declutter your room FAST
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