How To Declutter ANY Room In 15-30 Minutes Flat
- got 15 minutes and up for a challenge? Here's how I declutter ANY room in less than 30 minutes...

Feeling overwhelmed by CLUTTER in your messy house? Not sure where to START cleaning? Here’s how to declutter and organize ANY room in 3 simple steps with this decluttering plan of ACTION.

Ready to learn how to declutter ANY room FAST?

This quick 3-step strategy will show you how to declutter a room super fast (in 15-30 minutes) when you simply have to do it quickly.

To me, it’s the best way to declutter a room and helps ME a lot.

how to declutter in minutes decluttering plan

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How to declutter FAST - declutter room in 30 minutes or 15 minutes a day - helpful decluttering tips and advice to declutter room by room from Decluttering Your Life
How to declutter quickly - decluttering your home tips, tricks and quick hack to decluttr ANY room in 30 minutes or 15 minutes a day - quick decluttering list for cleaning and organizing room by room in your house from Decluttering Your Life

How To Declutter a Room FAST

You know those times when you find out you’re about to have unexpected company?

Talk about STRESS and feeling overwhelmed, right?

Or… even worse

You’re just plain EXHAUSTED of the whole stinkin’ MESS.

You are at the point where you absolutely can NOT stand the clutter anymore – and you want to straighten it up for YOU.

Sure, I know – you really want to know how to declutter your HOME in 15 minutes a day, but let me show you how to declutter any ROOM quickly and how to clean FAST.

If you are in a rush to organize and declutter any room quickly, here’s how I do it.

how to declutter and clean any room step by step to declutter FAST

How to declutter your room in 15-30 minutes flat

1: Trash It

See all that stuff lying around on your floor? Whether it’s clutter, magazines, old newspapers, the kid’s toys, laundry or just plain garbage – it needs to GO.

Whatever the item is in question, you need to get it OFF the floor and in your “Does NOT belong HERE” box or basket to deal with after this decluttering sprint.

Scan the floor of your room and take 5 minutes to remove anything and EVERYTHING off the floor that does NOT belong there. If its trash or junk, then put that stuff straight IN the trash for disposal.

If it’s useless, get RID of it.

Don’t overthink it, just trash it.

2: Vacuum It

The next thing you’ll need to do is to give the floor a quick vacuum.

I know it sounds crazy to vacuum BEFORE you’re done decluttering, right?

Here’s WHY I do it before I’m totally done:

Freshly vacuumed carpet sure makes ANY room look so much better, doesn’t it?

It’s a “decluttering motivation technique“.

Once you SEE immediate results, it WILL inspire you to finish the room you’re in AND to declutter ANOTHER room or space in your home next.

I have lots of ways I “trick” myself into cleaning – and that vacuuming hack always works for ME.

(Note: If you have hardwood floors, give your floors a quick sweep or use a good micro fiber mop to get your floor clean.)

3: Remove It

With 5 minutes left to go, you’ll want to remove any clutter off any other surfaces.

You don’t want to organize your clutter – you want to get RID of it, right?

But there are moments when you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to properly sort the clutter – you just need it out of sight!

If you are in the living room, then remove any clutter off your coffee table.

these baskets are PERFECT for keeping clutter out of sight.

I love these baskets shown in the picture – they are super pretty (a nice rustic/farmhouse look to them) and I can quickly toss stuff in them and instantly make any room look more organized and clutter-free.

I found those baskets here.

If you are in your home office, reduce any clutter by removing loose papers from your office desk.

If you are decluttering your kitchen, reduce any clutter by removing large unneeded items, organizing neatly the things you DO use daily, and smartly arranging your kitchen appliances to give a clutter-free look to your kitchen.

That’s it – you’ve just made your room clutter-free FAST.

Spend 15 minutes to declutter any room in your home starting from the bottom up (ie, floors first) – spend 5 minutes to trash it, 5 minutes to vacuum it, and 5 minutes to remove it.

Once your 15 minutes are up, you will SEE how much better your room looks when it is no longer a disaster zone!

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How to declutter your room FAST
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How to declutter ANY room in your home FAST.  Simple 3 step system to declutter and organize your home quickly and stress-free.
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