Cleaning “Mind Hacks” That Make You WANT To Clean (really!)

How To Trick Yourself Into Cleaning – How many times have you looked around your house and realized that you NEED to clean but have NO motivation to do it at all?

Once in a while?

Multiple times a day?

We’ve all been there, but thankfully there are some nifty “mind hacks” that you can use to trick yourself into cleaning.

You might even get EXCITED about cleaning… or at least be happy you’re finally cleaning at all.

Either way, here are 3 ways I trick myself into cleaning that work like a charm every, single time.

House Cleaning

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Can You TRICK Yourself Into Cleaning?

Many people don’t believe you can trick yourself into cleaning… as in, really WANTING to clean your house or clean your room.

But I’m here to tell ya – YES! you CAN trick yourself into cleaning!

I do it all the time!

When I’m in “I don’t wanna clean!” mode, I’ve learned a few little tricks to help me get off my butt and clean the house up.

The odd thing is, I tend to put off cleaning for SO long that the house becomes SO cluttered… and it becomes a much bigger mess than it could’ve been IF I had only done something about it sooner.

Ah, procrastination is SO delightful, isn’t it? (ha!)

When I finally DO clean up, I realize there was so much I could’ve done in only 10 minutes – why, oh WHY was I continually putting it off?


I couldn’t find the motivation to clean because…

I didn’t WANT to do it.

Now, I’ll also be totally honest and add…

I get really tired of other people in my house making messes that *I* have to clean up.

Can you relate?

If so, I’ve got some little mind hacks to share with you that WILL get you cleaning so you can take your house back and NOT have a messy house hanging over you all the time.

You’ll probably only need my first tip because it WILL get you off your butt and cleaning like a mad woman.

Heck, you might end up cleaning your tile grout with a toothbrush and loving every minute of it –

That’s how motivating it is!

Ok, let’s jump in.

How to trick yourself into cleaning when overwhelmed by the mess and can't find the motivation to do it. These 3 tricks for every single time!

How to get excited about cleaning and trick yourself into cleaning house and enjoying housework and chores when you can't find the motivation

My #1 Mind Hack – Watch This

If there is one thing I can do that makes me almost BEG to clean my house, it’s to watch the TV show called “Hoarders”.

I could have JUST finished cleaning my house, but watching that show makes me want to clean again and again.

But there is one specific episode that gets me ready to clean every time I watch it.

The episode is about a woman who didn’t take her trash out for SIX YEARS.

Literally, six YEARS.

All that trash was IN her house.

I dare you to watch more than 5 minutes of the episode and NOT jump up to start cleaning.

Here’s the episode:

✅  Note: I am NOT making “light” of those in that type of situation, ok? In fact, I have cleaning tips for hoarders because I KNOW it’s a very serious and heart-breaking situation.

Mind Hack #2 – Run Away

I really love this cleaning ‘mind hack’, but it doesn’t work instantly – it requires you doing something AWAY from home that will absolutely make you want to clean YOUR house.

In fact, I’ve had my husband agree to run away as a “date night” once a month.

Not only do WE get away and spend quality time together, I also clean like crazy once we’re home.

I found this tip here (it’s Tip #12):

✅  How To Get Motivated To Clean When Depressed – Feeling down and out, with no desire to clean? I’ve been there and done that. Here are 14 strategies to find motivation to clean when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, or just plain unmotivated.

Mind Hack #3 – Fake It

I’ve shared how to fake a clean house for those times when you just need your house to LOOK clean.

But I also use that cleaning strategy to trick myself into cleaning.

(if you can call it a “cleaning strategy” since I’m really just hiding clutter)

The thing is, when I decide I’m willing to fake a clean house, and do the 30 minute routine, I find that it gives me that extra little mental push to want to actually CLEAN.

I guess it’s because I see quick results and my house almost instantly looks better – or maybe because I just got up off my duff and changed my momentum – but it works for me.

Give it a try:

More Tips & Tricks

When it comes to finding the “want to clean” when we really do NOT want to clean, different things work for different people.

Here are some more resources that can help.

✅  Try Listening To a Cleaning Podcast – I’ve never really been a podcast kinda girl, but lately I’m finding some really good ones that help me find that cleaning “want to” that is so illusive to me at times.

Here’s a list of some great cleaning podcasts you can check out:

✅  How To ENJOY Cleaning House – This is a great post about different ways to actually enjoy doing household chores.

She has 10 tips and 6 “Rules” for enjoying housework (I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s really clever).

Her first Rule?

“You are NOT the MAID!”

Totally worth a read.

✅  How To Simplify Life As a Working Mom – This post really spoke to me.

As a fellow “Working Mom Trying To Do ALL The Things”, I found her 13 tips insightful and almost calming to a point where I started to give myself some grace instead of being SO hard on myself for not being “perfect”.

She says:

“While I AM a working mom, I am FAR from a PERFECT working mom…. FAR FAR from it.

But I DO manage to get it all done.

It took learning new habits and some secrets from organized moms to figure it out, but these 13 things below REALLY helped me simplify my life.”

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