Declutter Your Kitchen – DIY Shelves To Organize a Country Farmhouse Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen organization hacks with open shelving to organize your small kitchen – Getting organized in the kitchen can seem overwhelming (especially if you have a small kitchen or you don’t have a pantry). Let’s take a look with some easy to make kitchen shelves to help you get organized, and STAY organized, in your kitchen.

Kitchen organization open shelving - DIY kitchen storage and organization ideas for organizing clutter in your kitchen.  Create more storage space with these clever kitchen storage shelves ideas

The kitchen seems to be the main room for attracting clutter, doesn’t it? It’s a funny thing about my kitchen – no matter what type of get-together we are having, everyone tends to always end up in the kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen on a budget - Kitchen organization open shelving - fixer upper farmhouse kitchen organization ideas using DIY country store floating open shelves

Same with STUFF – it all seems to end up in the kitchen.

As a self-proclaimed “clutter magnet”, I have learned that one the best ways for ME to cut down on clutter in my kitchen, is to have the least amount of storage space behind cabinet doors and in drawers.

Even my coffee bar area has this wall shelf to keep things organized AND visible:

Declutter and organize your kitchen on a budget with these cheap organizing ideas - Kitchen organization open shelving

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It’s just TOO easy to toss clutter in those places because no one, including myself, will see that stuff.

One of my favorite ideas to declutter AND organize in my kitchen is using shelves to display food items and snacks that we use on a regular basis.

This gorgeous DIY “Country Store” Kitchen Shelves idea for the pantry is not only very helpful to cut down on clutter (cereal boxes and all that STUFF), it’s also BEAUTIFUL.

Farmhouse pantry organization - Kitchen organization open shelving - DIY country store shelves to declutter and organize a farmhouse kitchen pantry

I’ve also seen the same concept done in other kitchens, but instead of a full wall of these shelves in your kitchen, you can save space and put the shelves over your counter top.

Farmhouse kitchen open shelves and cabinets - rustic farmhouse kitchen organization ideas - Kitchen organization open shelving

This is a beautiful rustic/ Country farmhouse type of kitchen DIY decor idea – and it sure has everything neat and decluttered.

Kitchen organization open shelving - Gorgeous rustic kitchen DIY idea to organize and declutter in your kitchen.  This DIY kitchen shelves idea is beautiful - and would be great in a small kitchen with limited wall space.

This DIY kitchen shelving idea is beautiful as well as functional, too.

Kitchen organization open shelving - Rustic farmhouse kitchen pen shelving ideas - DIY kitchen storage and organization ideas on a budget

This homeowner used an “off-set” area of their kitchen to create a shelving area.

I just LOVE the use of all different sized canisters and jars – what a beautiful white kitchen!

Declutter your kitchen!  This beautiful white kitchen uses this simple DIY shelves idea to organize and declutter in their kitchen.  LOVE all the different size canisters for displaying their pantry goods!

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Small kitchen storage ideas for organizing tiny spaces with Dollar Stores organizers and baskets in a small kitchen - Kitchen organization open shelving life changing apartment living organization ideas for the home

Open shelves in kitchen to organize farmhouse country kitchen on a budget - kitchen storage and organization ideas


Love Farmhouse Kitchens?

Take a look at my favorite farmhouse kitchen coffee bar ideas.

Farmhouse kitchen on a budget - coffee bar ideas for a farmhouse style kitchen

Struggle With Kitchen Clutter?

Sheesh – don’t we ALL??!?!

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Kitchen organization on a budget to declutter and organize your kitchen the cheap and easy way - declutter kitchen countertops

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