Decluttering Tips: How To Declutter WITHOUT Feeling Defeated

This is the BEST Decluttering Tip I Have – and it really, REALLY helps! When you’re working SO hard to declutter your home and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, there are 4 simple words I want you to repeat to yourself over and over…and over. These 4 words WILL help you feel better about decluttering your life and, best of all, recognize and APPRECIATE your accomplishments along the way.

Decluttering ideas feeling Overwhelmed!  How to declutter your home without feeling defeated.  Slowly decluttering is best if you're overwhelmed by clutter.  Decluttering Club: Here's how to be ruthless when decluttering and 4 words that help make your uncluttering efforts for a clutter free home MUCH easier.  This weeks declutter challenge to go from cluttered mess to organized success.

Declutter SLOWLY

Look, I get it… heck, we’ve ALL been there –

You spend HOURS decluttering your kitchen cabinets or organizing your pantry and you can’t really SEE the progress you’ve made.

Many times, it feels as if you’ve made a BIGGER mess than you had before.

And THAT is a VERY defeating feeling.

What’s the point of doing all this if things don’t LOOK perfect?

What’s the point if no one else can SEE all the work you’ve done?

That’s a cruddy feeling, isn’t it?

When you start to feel defeated and feel overwhelmed – and wondering WHY you’re doing this if no one else notices all your hard work…

I want you to repeat these 4 words to yourself over and over… and over again as many times as it takes to remind yourself that all your hard work IS paying off:

Better Than It Was.

I literally spent 4 HOURS going through 2… yes, TWO drawers in my bedroom the other night.

Know what I ended up with when I finally got tired and quit decluttering for the day?

A BIGGER mess than anyone saw BEFORE I started.

That was SO frustrating!

And the rest of the family was like, “What the heck have you been DOING?!?!?!”


In a sad way, it was easier when my clutter was hidden away in those drawers.

All my decluttering efforts sure didn’t make my bedroom LOOK “better than it was”!

So I had to sit myself down and have a talk with myself…

“Self”, I said…

“Your hard work WILL pay off… and your drawers ARE better than they were. Good job!”

When clutter is overwhelming, it is really hard to make things LOOK better even after hours and hours of hard work.

But once you understand clutter and how it builds up, you KNOW deep in your soul that things are probably going to LOOK worse before you, or anyone else, sees things getting better.

And that’s ok!

My 2 bedroom drawers ARE better than they were BEFORE I started.

And that’s a WIN!

When you working on clearing the clutter from ANY area in your home, make sure you leave it…

Better Than It Was.

And be damn proud of yourself!

Slowly decluttering is better than NOT decluttering your home at all.

I have a hard time getting rid of stuff (truth be told), but I’ve slowly learned how to be ruthless when decluttering and cutting myself some slack.

When I start to feel defeated and like I’m not getting anywhere, I wonder what I’d say to a dear friend who was trying so hard to declutter HER home…

What would I say??

I surely wouldn’t be mean and heartless… I would NEVER want my friend to feel defeated!

So, why… WHY don’t I treat myself the same way?!?!

Know what I would say to my friend?

“OMG! This Looks SO much better than it was! Great job!”

And that, my friends, is how we need to treat ourselves when WE are decluttering our own homes.

By the way…

YOU are doing a GREAT job!

Keep up the great work!

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