How To Declutter Toys – Simple Decluttering System To Keep Mom’s Sanity

How To Organize Toys in a Small Space or Any Size Playroom •

DIY toy organization and playroom organizing tips, ideas and hacks to declutter and organize your kid’s toys FAST!

Toys… toys everywhere! Best of all, toys these days have SO MANY pieces and parts that go with them! And kids are pack rats too, aren’t they? Ugh! It sure can be extra difficult to declutter your life when you have children!

How can you easily declutter your child’s toys in their playroom or bedroom to cut down on all the clutter and stuff – AND feel good about your results?

We have a very simple 2-Question Toy Decluttering System that we use. I’ve used it with my kids and now my kids use it with their kid’s toys.

TIP: if your child is very little, I strongly recommend doing this when they’re asleep or not home. It will save a lot of tears & temper tantrums and your child won’t pitch a fit or throw a tantrum either…lol!

That said, once your child gets to be about 4 or 5, they are perfectly capable of understanding the concept of giving to others… especially the concept of giving to other who have less.

While it will take a little longer with your child present, it is absolutely worth the time to include your child in this toy decluttering and teach them a beautiful life lesson in the process.

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We LOVE this toy organization toy box set up.
The colorful bins make it look great and it sure cuts down on toy clutter!
I found it here

What You Will Need:

To perform this simple 2-Question Toy Decluttering System, you will need:

  • A Toy Box (or a space to put toys you are keeping) – see ideas
  • Empty Boxes (to put toys you will be donating or selling at a yard sale)
  • Trash Bags (to throw out broken toys)


If your child has younger siblings, you might want to consider another storage container for toys that your younger child/children will eventually play with. You will store those toys away for later.

These storage containers are perfect for this.

Preparing to Declutter the Toys

Toy organization ideas - #organizationideasforthehome #getorganized #momhacks #gettingorganized #lifehacksDepending on the toy situation before-hand, you might need to spend a little time gathering toys and finding the pieces that go with them.

If you do this toy decluttering system regularly, this prep time won’t take long.

However, if you’re still with TOY CHAOS, take the time to get the toys sorted somewhat so you can begin and quickly move through this decluttering process.

The Two Questions

Pick up each toy and ask yourself (or your child if he/she is participating in this):

“Has this toy been played with in the last month?”

If the answer is YES – keep the toy.

If the answer is NO…

“Is this toy broken or missing pieces?”

If the answer is YES, the toy is broken/missing pieces – throw it away.

If the answer is NO, put the toy in the donation box (or a storage box if your saving good toys for younger siblings).

Toy organization and playroom organizing ideas #toyorganization #organizationideasforthehome #gettingorganized #playroomorganization #lifehacks #bedroomideas #momhacks #toystorage #organizing #diyhomedecor

Tips for Success

The key to this toy decluttering strategy is to move quickly.

Try your hardest to not reminisce over each toy or how much it cost or how long it took you to find that toy, etc.

This is the time to “Let It Go”.

If you’re struggling with it, break the task down into smaller goals.

For example:

“Right now, I am only decluttering the Barbie stuff.”

There’s no sense getting stressed and overwhelmed when decluttering your life – break things down into smaller tasks and you’ll quickly be able to SEE the results of your efforts (which will motivate you to keep going).

Toy Organization Ideas

Take a look at the pictures of organized playrooms below – just look how neat and organized the toys are! If you need ideas and motivation to figure out HOW to organize the toys in the playroom, these ideas are sure to get you going – even if you’re working with a small space or tiny playroom!

Here’s another tip for when you’re ready…

Once I had the toys we were keeping separated out, I would then divide those toys into 2 piles.

One pile of “keeper” toys I would put back in their toy box or on their toy shelf for them to play with NOW – and the other pile of “keeper” toys would be stored away on the top shelf of a closet, another room, etc to be played with LATER.

Then, after some time goes by (or the next time I decluttered the toys), I would rotate out the “keeper” toys I stored out of sight.

For kids – especially little kids – this is like getting brand new toys!

Rotating out the other keeper toys is also a GREAT idea for days when you really need your child to play on their own for awhile so you can get other things done.

Playroom Declutter and Speed Clean Tips:

Ready to speed clean the playroom and get all those toys organized? Watch this quick video below to see how she organized her playroom FAST!

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Decluttering toys the easy way.
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