Decluttering Tips-5 BIG Mistakes I Learned the HARD Way
- 5 common mistakes people make when trying to declutter and organize at home...are YOU?

5 BIG Mistakes People Make When Decluttering

Are you tired of trying to declutter your home and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere?

Do you feel like decluttering makes a BIGGER mess than you had before you started?

I absolutely felt that way too until I realized the 5 BIG mistakes I was making.

You might be making one of these mistakes too – and it’s why it all overwhelms YOU and keeps you from making progress.

Decluttering Tips-5 BIG Decluttering Mistakes I Learned the HARD Way

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Before we jump into these decluttering tips that explain WHY decluttering might be extra hard on YOU, I wanted to share something with you.

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(believe it or not, there IS more to life than CLUTTER haha!)

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Ok, let’s jump into the 5 mistakes you are probably making while dealing with CLUTTER.

5 BIG Decluttering Mistakes

Decluttering Tips-5 Mistakes People Make When Decluttering a Home. Trying to declutter your home but feeling overwhelmed? Don't make these decluttering mistakes!

When I first set out to declutter my home many, many years ago, I ran into so many roadblocks that kept me from making progress.

It was SO frustrating – I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!

Seriously, how hard could it be to declutter your life?

Turns out I was making ALL 5 of these mistakes people make when decluttering a home!

Thankfully, I figured out what those mistakes are – and changed accordingly.

AND, I also took the time to learn the RIGHT way to declutter.

That changed EVERYTHING for me.

Below are the 5 biggest decluttering mistakes I made – that YOU might be making too.

Decluttering MISTAKES - 5 decluttering mistakes people make when decluttering a home

#1 – Using Boxes

When it comes to the 5 mistakes people make when decluttering home, using boxes is at the top of the list.

Using boxes when you are trying to get rid of clutter can set you up for failure that you won’t see coming.

It’s all about how your brain perceives what to keep and what to throw away – and the whole point of decluttering is getting rid of too much stuff, right?


There are many barriers to decluttering that can hold you back from making progress getting clutter out of your home.

Some barriers (like hoarding or feeling depressed) can be really hard to overcome.

So make the small changes in your decluttering strategy – they can make a BIG difference in your results!

#2 – Organizing Clutter

Decluttering is NOT organizing.

If you are organizing your clutter, you are not DEcluttering – you’re just moving around the stuff you have – and you probably have too MUCH stuff.

Before you organize, you need to purge your house of stuff FIRST… and then you can organize what’s left (ie, the things you truly need).

Decluttering Mistakes - Organizing Clutter. Decluttering your home is about getting RID of clutter - stop organizing it and get rid of clutter first.

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#3 – Not Being Ruthless

Listen, you can NOT be wimpy or wishy-washy when decluttering your home – you have to be RUTHLESS to take your house back from it’s cluttered situation.

Stop worrying about holding each thing and seeing if you feel joy holding it – that’s all wishy-washy…

Be TOUGH – Get rid of it!

Need help with that?

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Have you ever heard the phrase “cleaning like a mad woman”?

You need to DO that…

Get MAD about your cluttered mess situation and get to work.

Throwing things away feels GOOD when you’re truly ready to do it.

Just imagine how good you’ll feel with less STUFF all around you in your home.

#4 – Not Having a Plan

Again, let me ask you about a common saying.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

“Fail to plan – plan to fail”

If you don’t have a decluttering plan in place BEFORE you start, you’ll end up getting nowhere.

In fact, you’ll probably end up with a bigger mess than you had before.

And THAT is frustrating and defeating …. you need a plan for where to start decluttering to conquer your cluttered house one step at a time.

Now, don’t overthink it, but do spend some time on your plan to declutter your home.

#5 – You Don’t Know HOW

Have you ever set off to start decluttering your house when you stop and realize that you really don’t know how to declutter your home the right way.

You feel like you’re running in circles and not getting anywhere.

Oh, I’ve been there, done that!

I had to go to Decluttering School to learn the right way to do it.

If you think about it, no one ever actually taught you HOW to declutter, right?

Me neither.

As a kid, I was told to “Go clean your room!”

But I was never really shown HOW to do that the right way.

Same with decluttering – no one ever really taught me what that even means other than “throw stuff away”.

Decluttering is a skill…


KEEPING your house clutter-free AFTER your first big decluttering binge is just as important.

It’s ok if you really don’t how to do all that.

Taking the time to learn HOW to declutter the RIGHT way will be a life skill that WILL change your life.

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