Decluttering Ideas – 3 Simple Decluttering Ideas That WORK When You’re Feeling OVERWHELMED

3 Simple Decluttering Tricks I Use So I NEVER Feel Overwhelmed –

Too Much Clutter? House Feels Cluttered and YOU Feel Overwhelmed? Try my decluttering tricks below to start clearing clutter and get your house decluttered without losing your sanity.
Decluttering Ideas That Work When you're feeling overwhelmed - where to START decluttering is so hard if you're overwhelmed try my 3 decluttering tips they really work!

As a former overwhelmed clutter bug I have been there before, and know that at times, it can be challenging, frustrating and stressful trying to get your home clutter-free (or close to it).

I had to teach myself a few decluttering tips and tricks that worked for ME… and I’ve found they really work for others as well to prevent feeling so darn overwhelmed.

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Here are 3 decluttering ideas that will provide a simple plan of attack so that you can declutter your home quickly and easily WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed!

Decluttering Idea #1:
Re-Train Your Brain

To reduce those nasty feelings of overwhelm when decluttering, you need to re-train your brain to perceive your decluttering project as ‘do-able’.

HOW do you do that?

Simple: Choose only 1 area in your home to declutter at a time.

Seriously, ONLY pick ONE area at a time – that’s it!

It could be an area that has an excessive amount of clutter in it or it could be your last home organization project that you never got around to completing.

Better yet – if feeling overwhelmed is a BIG problem for you, pick one small specific area that is NOT overly cluttered, but is cluttered enough that you will SEE an improvement after decluttering it.

When you’re re-training your brain, you want to teach your brain to recognize a new reward to small efforts.

That reward is a clutter-free area.

Just remember: choose ONE specific area or project.

If your brain perceives the decluttering project or area as “TOO MUCH – TOO HARD”, you won’t do it.

Decluttering Idea #2:
Stay Focused

Once you have chosen one specific area in your home to declutter, break this small decluttering project down into even smaller manageable chunks or tasks.

When your brain perceives a project as “Do-able”, you WILL actually focus and DO IT.

Your chunks or tasks may be as simple as decluttering one shelf in a closet, decluttering ONE drawer, or getting rid of clutter under one bed.

Make a list of these simple small tasks that are required to declutter that whole specific area – and ONLY do what is on that list until it’s done.

Decluttering Idea #3:
Work In Small Bursts

Once you have finished “chunking” your project into manageable tasks, you’ll want to tackle each task in 30 minute bursts.

I don’t know about YOU, but 30 minutes sounds “doable”, while 3 HOURS sounds more like I’d rather watch NetFlix ha!

Depending on your personal weekly schedule, you may be able to fit in a quick 30 minutes of decluttering in the evenings or during the day when your kids nap.

If your weekdays are full since you work, you might prefer to only declutter on the weekends – and that’s totally fine too!

You simply need to find small blocks of time to consistently declutter areas of your home.

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Let me share my #1 decluttering tip that REALLY works for ME…

Decluttering Ideas that WORK when You're Feeling OVERWHELMED.  This one simple decluttering trick is my secret hack to decluttering my home WITHOUT ever feeling overwhelmed.  Try it!  It really Works!!

Here’s a secret decluttering trick that SO many have thanked me for sharing.

Personally, I prefer to do my decluttering “bursts” in the morning.

No, not because I am a Morning Person (which I am NOT)…

It’s because it’s the best time of day for me to “trick my brain” into believing it LOVES to declutter.

In fact, it’s the time of day my brain can’t WAIT to declutter something!

You know when THAT time is?

When my coffee is brewing.

No, that’s not a full 30 minutes by any means, but my brain totally likes doing it this way and I never feel overwhelmed.

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For one, I know the coffee maker will beep to tell me it’s done soon – and that beep is a HUGE help for me.

Also, the SMELL of coffee brewing motivates my brain… it makes my brain happy because it knows it’s getting COFFEE – so that’s my reward for that short decluttering ‘burst’.

Smell of coffee brewing means my brain thinks it’s time to declutter something.

Sound of coffee maker beeping means my brain thinks it’s getting a reward FOR decluttering.

It might sound odd to you, but it REALLY works for me.

I just keep a running list of super simple decluttering projects I want to tackle and do one each morning.

As an added bonus, it sure starts my day off right – I feel super productive all day long.

Having a simple plan of attack using the above 3 decluttering ideas will help you to declutter your home without feeling overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’ of your cluttered house.

The overall secret is to trick your brain into thinking “Hey, I CAN do this!” and then doing small decluttering projects so you can SEE your progress.

Just try it for one week and see how it will really work for you too!

Best of luck!

Decluttering Ideas That Work When you're feeling overwhelmed - where to START decluttering is so hard if you're overwhelmed try my 3 decluttering tips they really work!

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